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Weekly Updates
Each of my weekly updates, as published in the
Worthing Herald and Littlehampton Gazette, can be seen below:
Archived Updates
January 2023
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Important Purposes of Politics

26th January 2023

The week started when I chaired a major meeting on gas safety and the dangers of carbon monoxide. It was a occasion to bring interest groups together with the common purpose of saving 100 lives a year. Then I was briefed on whether the government is going the wrong way in closing over half the BTECH courses, contradicting an assurance given by the previous education secretary. On Tuesday the prime minister invited environmental network colleagues and me to a breakfast discussion. I spoke about the challenge of decarbonising heating in leasehold properties...

Sir Peter Bottomley in Chamber 17.01.23.PNG

I Made A Mistake, I Apologise

19th January 2023

I apologise for my error last week about the result of the football match in August between Worthing FC and Welling United. As soon as I realised, I wrote to say sorry to readers, the team and supporters through the editor and Monty Street. Mistakes happen. That is in the nature of being human. How we deal with them is what matters most. When serving as junior employment minister, officials told me there had been confusion in a departmental press notice confusing two trades unions. I turned down a convoluted explanation; it was wrong to let officials take the blame.

Worthing FC 2023.jpg

Onside With Shared Goals

12th January 2023

Meeting students reminds me of football. Discussing the purposes and the practice of politics has the mixture of cooperation and challenge that makes life interesting. Matt Crawley is the distinguished Worthing College politics teacher who cheerfully left me with a group of questioning students on Tuesday morning before they toured the Houses of Parliament. It was great to be at the Woodside Road stadium to watch most of the thrilling Saturday match. Between the storms, Worthing Football Club scored three goals against Welling United, holding on to win 3-2...

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Resolutions for Everyone, Every Day

5th January 2023

It is important to remember the individual and family lifecycle. Instead of a still photograph of society, think of moving pictures. At the turn of the year I was reviewing a novel. A frozen image could not show the ups and downs of life, including household formation, deformation and reformation. Locally, many people live in their home for decades, mostly by choice. That still leaves the challenge of how others find lodging, affordable flat shares, first homes and then perhaps space to house a family. 

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