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Aid to Ukraine


Aid to Ukraine

Aid to Ukraine

15 March 2022

Statement on Support and Donations to Ukraine

​Images of lives in ruin, destruction and mayhem abound as our neighbours in Ukraine battle on to protect their democracy.


When asked to help, the communities of Worthing and Arun answer unequivocally.

There have been many examples of charity within our communities over the past weeks.


We recognise the work of Worthing Rotary who collected over £1,500 during one session in Worthing town centre this past weekend. Sally Nowak, Rotary president, said: “The humanitarian crisis in Ukraine needs help from all of us. The Worthing public has been most generous in donating to our recent street collection.


We celebrate the supporters and organising staff at Worthing FC who have been collecting funds during matches to go toward the Ukraine Appeal organised by the Disasters Emergency Committee.


Some may wish to donate items to be delivered to those still in Ukraine and to those seeking refuge in neighbouring countries.


Worthing Theatres and Museum have arranged for the Connaught Theatre to be used as a donation centre. Items needed are; new thermal underwear and socks; new children's warm clothes; wet wipes; nappies; dry food / canned food (all sealed and in date); unopened pet food and batteries. Donations can be accepted between  March 11th and March 23th.


There will also be a special screening of 'OLGA' on the 21st of March, a Ukrainian film about an exiled Ukrainian gymnast, with all proceeds donated to the Red Cross in order to support the Ukrainian aid efforts.


We praise the efforts of Iryna Latsanych, a cherished member of our local community who moved to Worthing in 2016 from Ukraine. Her family still lives in Ukraine. She is collecting supplies of medical equipment to ship to Ukraine. If you are able to help, email Iryna at for more information.


We also recognise the selfless work of Phil Sheffield, a celebrated local window-cleaner, who is set to drive a van to Warsaw in Poland next weekend to collect his fiancée Yana and her daughter Irma, as soon as their visas are approved. They are currently sheltering with another 20 refugees. Within days of posting his idea on Facebook, he has amassed thousands of donations, which have filled out the function room in the Grand Victorian Hotel on Station Approach.


Additional drivers have come forward but the group need additional vehicles to drive to Poland.

They are also asking for money towards petrol and travel costs, which can be donated via a GoFundMe page - so far over £3,000 has been raised.


The advice remains that the best means of supporting Ukrainians away from the UK is to donate towards the Disasters Emergency Committee who have launched a Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal. The Government have pledged to match pound-for-pound the first £20million raised.


To donate online, please visit:

Homes for Ukraine

16 March 2022

Homes for Ukraine Scheme

We have a long history of helping others in their hour of need and the Homes for Ukraine Scheme offers a lifeline to those forced to flee their homes.


Already, multiple local families, individuals and organisations have committed to welcoming refugees into their homes and into their businesses. At the time of writing more than 100,000 UK citizens have registered to house a UK refugee.


Alex Hole, who runs the Perch Café in Lancing and is creating Perch on the Pier in Worthing, has already offered to sponsor two visas for chefs from Ukraine and would pay for their travel for them to come and work for him.


Multiple residents have signed up to offer their spare rooms to families and welcome them into their homes and lives.


The 'Homes for Ukraine' scheme will offer a route to those who want to come to the UK who have someone here willing to provide them with a home.


Sponsors should provide accommodation for as long as they are able, but we have a minimum expectation of 6 months.


The visa application process will go live on Friday 18th March.


Community members in contact with Ukrainians that they wish to host can assist them in providing their details on the visa application when it goes live.


Those wishing to host Ukrainians but who are not in contact with any may wish to register their interest in the scheme or reach out to local charities, faith groups and organisations who are starting to make connections between individuals.


For full details, please visit:

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