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Animal Trophy Hunting Ban

My response to the Campaign in favour of a ban on Animal Trophy Hunting


November 2022

Thank you for contacting me about Animal Trophy Hunting Ban.


I am proud that the UK has consistently led the way on animal welfare, and it is right that we cement our status as a global leader by continuing to raise the bar.

Henry Smith MP knows that I fully support the aims of his Private Member’s Bill, 'Trophy Hunting [Imports Prohibition] Bill'.

Over many years, I have been a strong advocate for the protection of animals and have authored and signed multiple Early Day Motions calling on the Government to enshrine in law greater protection for wildlife.

Earlier this year I co-authored an open letter in The Times, calling on the government to move ahead with its proposed ban as a matter of urgency.

Most recently, I signed an Early Day Motion authored by Sir Mike Penning MP, calling on the Government to fully support the passage of the Trophy Hunting (Imports Prohibition) bill, including this as a tribute to the late Sir David Amess MP who campaigned tirelessly on this issue, and to allocate whatever time may be necessary for the bill to pass.

The full EDM can be read here: edm.parliament.uk/early-day-motion/60270/trophy-hunting-import-and-exports

My request to would-be trophy hunters: please replace your gun with a camera.


Simply put, shoot the best picture you can, leave the animal alive.

My request to the Government: do what is necessary to protect these animals before it is too late.

I share the Conservatives' commitment to the highest standards of animal welfare and hope that you do too.


Thank you once again for taking the time to contact me on this important subject.

Sir Peter Bottomley MP