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Assisted Dying

My response to concerns and enquiries regarding access to Assisted Dying.


November 2022

Thank you for contacting me about assisted dying. 


I will follow this debate closely. 


A terminal illness diagnosis can be devastating not only for the patient but also their whole family.


Coping with terminal illness is distressing and difficult both for the patient and their families. These cases are truly moving and evoke the highest degree of compassion and emotion.


We should continue to do what we can to make appropriate opportunities available and to reduce risks of things going unnecessarily and avoidably wrong.


The lives of the terminally ill, the frail and elderly as well as those with incurable conditions are all of equal value to our own and put simply each and all of us deserves equal protection under criminal law. 


It is vital this subject receives the necessary time to be considered and MPs are given the time to examine all input before adjustments are made.   


A decision cannot and should not be taken lightly.


I give thanks to the skill and love in the hospice movement here in the UK.


Thank you once again for your email.

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