Broadband Connection Issues

East Preston

25 February 2021

My team and I are aware of the current issues many constituents have been facing with broadband connectivity since Monday, this week.


We have escalated every email, phone call and letter we have received thus far and continue to press for a speedy resolution.


With stay-at-home precautions still in place, almost every household will be severely affected by a loss of internet connection. Those working or learning from home, crucially including teachers and help-line receivers, have been unfairly cut-off and should not be facing such a severe delay in reconnection.


As far as my team and I are aware, the issue is local to East Preston and in relation to hardware. We have been informed that local technicians have been on-site to investigate the issues and expert responders have been, or will be shortly, on sight to investigate and resolve.


Many will share in disappointment that it is taking this long to resolve.


Rest assured the strength of concern is shared and communicated forthrightly.


If you are facing similar problems in an area outside of East Preston, please do not hesitate to get in touch by email.