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Channel Crossings and Refugee Migration
My response to concerns about unauthorised migrants crossing the English Channel. 

December 2022

Thank you for contacting me about unauthorised migrants crossing the channel into the UK.  


I agree that the problem of illegal immigration must be addressed effectively.  The present situation is unsafe and unacceptable.  


This is not to say that I disagree with safe, legitimate forms of legally migrating to the UK.   


Do not believe there is an easy solution to what is a complex challenge for us in the UK and for our neighbours.  


I welcome the agreement our Home Secretary has signed with the French Interior Minister, which aims to improve our cooperation to tackle illegal migration together on the Channel.  


This new deal will see UK officers embedded in French operations for the first time, where we will also see a 40% increase in the deployment of French officers patrolling northern France.  


I hope this solution will encourage those seeking to arrive in our country to pursue legal routes instead. 

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