Constituent Feedback Survey - 2019
It has been a privilege and a duty to serve  the constituency, residents living across the coast from Rustington to the centre of Worthing. I look forward to continuing to work hard as I have tried to since 1997 when the constituency was formed.
There is a wide range of views across our shared community. My team and I work hard in Parliament and locally for every constituent.
If you have any specific or personal concerns you would like to raise with me, please do. We do our utmost to help and to work with you. 
Please send your general views regarding current affairs if you wish to. Note: it is never necessary to send on a prompt from 38 degrees or similar campaigns.
Thank you for your help,
Sir Peter Bottomley MP
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What are the most important issues facing you locally?

What for you are the most important national issues?

Who do you believe would be the best Prime Minister?

(The choice does not have to be limited to Jeremy Corbyn or Boris Johnson)

What factors are the most important to people like you when you voting in a General Election?

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Brexit: do you think the UK should:

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