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Minimum Service Level
My response to concerns about the provision of essential services.

February 2023

Thank you for your email regarding minimum service levels. I understand your concerns, and I assure you that I am committed to ensuring that essential services are maintained to a high standard for all members of the community. 


The government has implemented regulations for public transportation providers that set minimum service levels, such as minimum frequency of service, accessibility for people with disabilities, and service coverage area, to ensure that the community's transportation needs are met. The government also provides subsidies to support public transportation services in areas where it is not economically viable for private companies to operate.


In addition, the National Health Service (NHS) has set service-level agreements for healthcare providers that require a certain standard of care to be met. Such as waiting times for consultations and treatment, availability of specialised medical staff, and facility infrastructure and equipment availability.


Regarding emergency services, the government has set standards for response times for ambulance, fire and police services, as well as standards for the availability of equipment and personnel to provide the best possible assistance to the public. The government also provides funding to support emergency service personnel training and development and purchase of necessary equipment.


Furthermore, the government also has policies to ensure that essential services such as water and electricity supply, postal services and internet connectivity are maintained to a high standard and accessible to all members of the community.


I will continue to work with my colleagues in government to ensure that the policies and regulations we put in place effectively maintain essential services to a high standard for all members of the community.


I would be happy to discuss this matter with you further and to hear your specific concerns and ideas.


Thank you for bringing this matter to my attention.

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