Updated: 17th March 2022

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Travel Restrictions - Clinically Extremely Vulnerable - Ongoing Updates/Information

All legal restrictions have been lifted.

The vast majority of our adult population have been vaccinated and an increasing amount have received a booster jab.

Necessary precaution continues to be considered with clinical environments continuing to require the use of face masks.

The Government are right to have asked for support for the important and necessary regulations over the past two years. I am glad the Opposition have, in general, supported them.

Some community members continue to be at risk, we must not forget this. Those who are extremely clinically vulnerable may still act cautiously.

One constituent has written to me to says that he and his family continue to act with caution in places of public congregation.


Some are clinically unable to have the vaccine and rely on herd immunity and the minimisation of transmissive symptoms.

This may be a minority view expressed, but I think it is one that is held in the hearts and minds of many of our constituents. It comes at the middle of a great range of views: all have been considered and taken into account.

The regulations throughout the pandemic have been intended to make sure that some places can stay open if people abide by sensible precautions. We have trusted the health experts recommending these actions.

I respect what they have to say, just as I do to those who write in, but I will say very clearly that I have backed experts advice over individual opinions throughout.

It is still possible to catch and spread COVID-19, even if you are fully vaccinated, and we are still in the midst of this pandemic internationally.

Restrictions have been lifted across the country but some who travel abroad may encounter regulations or restrictions still in place. We must appreciate that in some areas and regions, infections rates are still high and there continues to be the appreciated risk of new variants of concern.

We want to be free of the effects and the damage of Covid. 


We will want to have health. We want to restore prosperity. We need to accept self-discipline.


The pandemic has altered our view of the interdependency of policy and regulation across communities, regions and nations.


Travel Restrictions:


From 4am 18th March all COVID-19 travel restrictions will be lifted, including the passenger locator form (PLF) for arrivals into UK, as well as all tests for passengers who do not qualify as vaccinated. This change, therefore, removes the need for unvaccinated passengers to take a pre-departure test and a day 2 post arrival test.


Remaining managed hotel quarantine capacity will be fully stood down from the end of March, making the UK one of the first major economies to end all COVID-19 international travel rules

This step reflects the decisions taken by the government, as set out in the Living with COVID plan, and the success of the UK’s vaccine and booster rollout, with 86% of the population having received a second dose and 67% of the population with a booster or third dose. 


To ensure the protection of public health, the government will maintain a range of contingency measures in reserve, which would enable it to take swift and proportionate action to delay any future harmful variants of COVID-19 entering the UK should the need arise.

Travellers should continue to check GOV.UK travel guidance including Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) travel advice to keep up to date with other countries’ entry requirements.


Clinically Extremely Vulnerable:

Clinically extremely vulnerable people are advised to follow the same guidance as everyone else. However, as someone who is at a higher risk of becoming seriously ill if you were to catch COVID-19, you should think particularly carefully about precautions you can continue to take. These precautions are included in the guidance for the clinically extremely vulnerable.