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Supporting our schools and their communities

22 May 2020

Response from Sir Peter to concerns regarding reopening Schools

We share respect and gratitude for people including teachers and school staff who continued in work and those now returning to work. All are doing whatever is possible in the face of great difficulties.


I have raised with the Education Secretary concerns from teachers and parents. These are being taken into consideration. 


Some are concerned that the proposed and hoped return of all students to Primary School has been delayed. Some are relieved. All concerns are shared.

Given the volume of emails received by the minister, we have not asked for individual responses. 


Many schools have remained open during lockdown. My team and I have helped a number of local headteachers with challenges as they ensure schools are safe for students and for teachers with support colleagues.  


Further opening requires planning, consultations, discussions and decisions to balance risk with benefit. 


In these extraordinary times, my small caring team and I work hard to identify and to act on each request for help. 


Our ability to help those in need of urgent help is made much harder whenever a campaign prompts good-hearted constituents to send on emails containing the same message multiple times. 


In the present pandemic, emails from vulnerable constituents seeking urgent help has multiplied considerably and we should not miss these requests in a sea of campaign messages.


Let us work together for the benefit of all at this critical time. We will slowly adjust to altered life in our homes, our schools and our communities. 


Please know we are here to help you or anyone you know in the constituency. My team and I can all we can to assist.