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Disposable BBQ Sales
My response to concerns about the sale of disposable BBQs. 

December 2022

Thank you for your email sharing your views about the Ten Minute Rule Bill on Disposable Barbeques.  

In my constituency of Worthing West, we are lucky to be surrounded by the South Downs to the North, and the English Channel to the South.  

It is important that we protect and preserve these areas of natural beauty.  

During the summer months, disposable barbecues are often left by beachgoers who come to soak up the good weather. Due to the long cooling period of the barbecues, areas of the beach can retain the heat of the barbecues which can cause harm to children and pets.  

We should also recognise that with increasing summer temperatures comes dryer foliage and grass at parks and open spaces.

Disposable barbecues should be avoided in areas such as the South Downs to ensure that we protect our green spaces from possible fires.  

Ten Minute Rule Bills functionally have a lower priority than Government business and often only a few are directly passed as law. However, I see that it would be sensible for the Government to accommodate the provisions of Selaine Saxby's Bill on Disposable BBQs into any upcoming appropriate legislation.

We should do what we can to prevent the attrocious wildfires we have seen in recent years in our national parks and across our open spaces.

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