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Family Planning

My response to concerns about access to abortions and reproductive health services.


November 2022

Thank you to those sharing their concerns and views regarding abortion access and other matters of family planning.

Simply, if abortions other than natural miscarriages take place, my view is that they should be with as little delay and as little stress as possible.

No one should feel pressured - likewise, no one should feel helpless.

The issue of concern that you raise is one that we share.

It is highly undesirable to have so many abortions.

The numbers are far too high.

In no situation should it be the first consideration nor relied upon as a "backup" to contraception.

My thinking is simple: the only thing we cannot inherit from our parents is celibacy.

If a couple are going to be closer than sharing a toothbrush, they could consider together the embarrassment they prefer - either discussing fertility choice or conception choice or a possibly embarrassing conversation that might start in one of three ways:

  • Oh no, we have conceived; we already have five children.

  • Oh no, we have conceived; what did you say your name was?

  • Oh no, we have conceived; I know we have lived together for two years but we had not expected this.

The number of abortions can easily be brought down from about 200,000 a year, involving nearly 400,000 people having sex together to say a quarter of those numbers with the correct access to family planning services, education and support.

This is something we both share in desiring - a reduction in unnecessary abortions. 

By banning abortions, we achieve nothing more than forcing thousands upon thousands of women into using 'behind-closed-door' services or, even worse, attempting an at-home abortion that severely endangers the life of the mother.

We live in a country with an uncodified constitution. That is to say, our laws are constantly changing and improving. Reform is always possible to improve a situation.

We may share in wanting to see legislation improve.

I look toward an evidence and ethics based course of direction.

Thank you once again for sharing your views.


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