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Gender Recognition Reform Bill

My response to concerns regarding the GRR (Scotland) Bill and the process for a Gender Recognition Certificate


January 2023

Thank you for your email about the Scottish Gender Recognition Reform Bill.


It is my view that it would have been respectful for the SNP to have thought of others before rushing to create a situation with obvious legal and constitutional difficulties (and they might have listened more sympathetically to the voices and interests in Scotland).


I would recommend my constituents who are concerned about this issue to read Helen Joyce's TRANS and Professor Kathleen Stock's Material Girls: there are sympathetic explanations and reasons to protect women and girls, as well as other vulnerable people.


Issues and interests overlap. Respect should be given to all parties.


Demands should not be made, compromises should be reached and respected.


If you would like to discuss the points raised please do feel free to contact my office.


Thank you again for your email.

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