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Long Live The Local

My response to the campaign to support our local pubs and hospitality industry.


November 2022

Thank you for writing in support of Long Live The Local and their proposed tax reform.


For many years, I have been a vocal and active supporter of the Long Live the Local campaign.


Pubs, and our wider hospitality industry, are at the heart of our communities and local economies here in Worthing and Arun. Pubs can be a pillar of a community.


We recognise that brewing and pubs in Worthing West support 1013 jobs and contribute £23m to the local economy, with many further unquantifiable values and benefits to our communities.


Fair taxation should not mean excessive taxation.


Each year, I remind the Chancellor that Beer Duty, when frozen or reduced, helps to preserve our community pubs.


There is a need to reform the current duty and business rates system to support the pub sector in the long term.

As of January 2023, the planned reforms for alcohol duty will freeze the duties until August 2023, at which point tax bands will be simplified where drinks will be taxed proportionally to their alcoholic content. This will allow small producers to diversify their products and give customers greater choice, as well as making it easier for pubs to purchase wholesale alcohol.


I believe in further reforms of the duty and rates system to continue to protect our pubs.


I continue to echo the concerns and requests of the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA), the Long Live the Local campaign, local landlords and publicans, and constituents.

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