I am grateful to the hundreds of constituents who have helped me in submitting nominations for six categories in this year’s NHS Parliamentary Awards. 


I have encountered day in, day out, the passion and dedication so many local workers and volunteers put into ensuring everyone in our community is healthy and happy. It is important that we recognise their hard work, when possible.

My nominations for:

The Health Equalities Award:

Learning Disabilities Health Facilitation Team, Sussex Community Foundation Trust

The Care and Compassion Award:

Carers Health Team, Sussex Community Foundation Trust

The Excellence in Primary Care Award:

Carers Health Team, Sussex Community Foundation Trust

The Excellence in Healthcare Award:

Going Local, Worthing and Adur Councils

The Volunteer of the Year Award:

Ms Julie Ward, Maybridge Community Church

The Lifetime Achievement Award:

Dr Charles Benjamin Shlosberg, The Lawns Surgery

It is a delight to hear that two of the teams and individuals nominated from Worthing West for the Annual NHS Parliamentary Awards have won regionally. 

The two nominees who have made it through to the final are:

The Care and Compassion Award:

Carers Health Team, Sussex Community Foundation Trust


The Volunteer of the Year Award:

Ms Julie Ward, Maybridge Community Church

I am pleased that they will proceed to the national final held in Parliament on the 10th of July.

The other nominations should be commended for their contributions to our communities and the NHS.

More information about each of my nominations can be seen below.

Awards Category:   The Health Equalities Award 

Learning Disabilities Health Facilitation Team:

Sussex Community Foundation Trust

   The Learning Disability Health Facilitation Team is worthy of this nomination due to its outstanding work in supporting people with Learning Disabilities (LD) to access mainstream health care. It is widely recognised that people with LD have a shorter life expectancy than the general population. Evidence suggests that this relates directly to the inequalities they may face, when attempting to access health services. The team's dedicated work includes:

  • Providing LD Awareness and Communication training to hcps and care providers.

  • Delivery of health education to people with LD, enabling them to self-manage their own health needs and to prevent avoidable hospital admissions/ reduce mortality rates.

  • Working with community health services to ensure 'reasonable adjustments' are implemented, so that patients with LD have equal access to healthcare.

  • Promoting the LD Annual Health Check, with a view to ensuring all people with LD have a Health 

Awards Category:   The Care and Compassion Award 

Carers Health Team:

Sussex Community Foundation Trust

   The Carers Health Team are NHS clinicians who offer professional support and guidance to informal carers, initially launched in September 2013 to address the needs of adult carers within West Sussex in response to an identified gap in the provision of clinical support for informal carers.
   An independent Public health research evaluation (Clare D. Toon Evidence Review Officer Public Health Research Unit 2015) found that the team has been responsible for improving the quality of life for over a 1,000 carers in West Sussex saving the local health care services in excess of £2 million per year in the first 18 months of the service. The evaluation has also concluded that the service prevented significant decline in carer wellbeing and is well respected and appreciated and that the self management approach is greatly valued.

   The Carers Health Team has supported approximately 5,000 informal carers throughout West Sussex in the past five and a half years. The data collected over the past six years has concluded that there has been an improvement in both the physical and mental health wellbeing of informal carers who have used the service.

Awards Category:   The Excellence in Primary Care Award 

Carers Health Team:

Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust

   The service provided by the Carers Health Team at Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust is unique in that it is clinician-led and focuses on the informal carers' individual needs, and identifies them as "expert partners in care" and which compliments other support services locally.
   The service specification is underpinned by the NHS Commitment to Carers and CQC standards to ensure that a credible, safe and effective service is being provided. An individual RAG rated health needs assessment including a research based wellbeing score is undertaken with each individual carer. The RAG rating determines the needs of the carers and the impact the caring role may have on their health or long term condition.
   The team works within the NICE guidelines and Nursing and Midwifery Council guidelines and to Care Quality Commission standards. The service is audited on a regular basis to ensure standard of provision remains of high quality. Carers previously only had access to voluntary services.

   The team work proactively and in partnership with the carer and statutory and third sector organisations, drawing on the team's professional knowledge and expertise, to provide training, advice and signposting.

Awards Category:   The Excellence in Healthcare Award 

Going Local:

Adur and Worthing Councils

   Going Local is the dispensing of social medicine by local government leaving the prescription of clinical medicine to GPs. It was created by two Councils that have a long successful track record of doing things differently. Adur and Worthing, two relatively small district councils on the south coast, were the first authorities in the UK to operate under joint-working arrangements in 2007. The project was introduced as a two-year trial in 2016. Since then it has continued to work in partnership with public, private and voluntary partners with the sole aim of providing more efficient and effective services to local residents.
   Going Local was born out of the mindset that a council's role is to work without barriers and overcome the silo-approach of public services that issues directly out of our control are "not our problem". By focussing on local needs and speaking to partner organisations, the councils noticed a gap in independent housing advice. After inviting key figures from a number of organisations together, a project was co-commissioned and co-designed within a matter of months
   It has undoubtedly been a successful small-scale experiment of how different organisations working collaboratively, digitally and differently can deliver a person centred approach which delivers real lasting outcomes for individuals and wider public services.

Awards Category:   The Volunteer of the Year Award 

Ms Julie Ward:

Maybridge Community Church

   Julie has been a hard working community health leader, both as the parish nurse and as a leader in community projects. She has 10 years of nursing experience, having worked both as a nurse and Health Advisor locally and has been involved in community projects at Maybridge Community Church from 1997.
   Her work has focused mainly on improving the lives of the elderly, but also others who are vulnerable due to mental or physical health issues and learning difficulty issues. She provides free drop-in sessions for specific ailments and health issues, including blood pressure checks, and other NHS health checks.
   Julie provides help with patients attending Hospital and GP appointments by attending with them to assist them when required. A valuable service she provides in going out of her way to help the more vulnerable is to accompany clients in attending Tribunals and Benefit Appeals. She supports local patients when they are going through the hardest moments in their lives: bereavement, terminal diagnoses, and hardship. She fills the roles the hard stretched local NHS have difficulty reaching.
   Not only is she a healthcare champion, she also manages a team of volunteers to help ensure that the living environments and day-to-day lives of her community members is improved, this include carrying out domestic duties like cleaning, shopping and gardening for the elderly and vulnerable.

   Her legacy, though she has much more to give, is already ascertainable in the positivity of the local community she has helped.

Awards Category:   The Lifetime Achievement Award

Dr Charles Benjamin Shlosberg

   After a childhood which began in inner-city post-war Salford, Dr Shlosberg first qualified as a doctor in 1978. After initial hospital posts in Manchester and Edinburgh, with a further 2-year post as Consultant in Elderly Care in Worcester, he entered general practice. After a short post in inner-city Bristol he moved to the coast in West Sussex, and has worked largely in the Littlehampton area, with commitments in Worthing, for the past 24 years. After an initial 18-month spell in a partnership he has served the community single-handed since 1997.
   Throughout the 40 years he has always given patients the service he would want myself if the roles were reversed. As a patient we would all want to be seen at the first available opportunity, we would want a doctor who would listen to all our concerns - and not just the first one - and arrange investigations, give me the results, and make referrals as soon as possible. We would also like our doctor to speed our passage through the health system, if we thought our problem was urgent or serious.
    Dr Shlosberg has delivered this through 40 years in medicine; listening to each patient's every concern; by taking blood samples himself routinely many times each day through each morning surgery; by sending off investigations and referrals with the patient still in the room, and then ringing them as soon as the results come back. His level of communication is incomparable. He phones Consultants directly with queries on complicated patients where appropriate, makes home calls based solely on the patients availability and late into the evening, and has been a stalwart support for every member of the community, whether registered with him or not

   He has made it clear that he shall be very, very sad to go. The community, likewise, will miss him sorely. His passion, his care, and his incomparable level of service will long be recognised and remembered locally. I hope sincerely it may be recognised nationally.
   With no hesitation, I nominate Dr Charles Shlosberg for the Lifetime Achievement Award.

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