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Onshore Wind Farms

My response regarding Government reforms to Onshore Wind Farms


April 2023

Thank you for contacting me regarding onshore wind farms.


I support the right for local communities to make decisions about the environment surrounding them.


Onshore wind farms are one option within a large arsenal of environmentally friendly energy sources.


When the sun is out we can access solar power. When the sun is away, we can harness the wind. Each compliments each other in our ambition for a net-zero energy sector.


The Government has signaled that it will end the ban on onshore wind farms, indicating that projects can go ahead should they gain the support of the local community.


I personally prefer off-shore windfarms. Where there is local support, they should be permitted and encouraged.


The Rampion Windfarm Extension in my view should be built further out to sea, decreasing the visual impact it will have on seaside residents.


The Secretary of State is aware of my views and those of my constituents.


Thank you once again for contacting me regarding onshore wind farms.

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