Resignation of the Prime Minister

A response from Sir Peter Bottomley MP


Response from Sir Peter Bottomley MP

Friday 8th July 2022

I am grateful to those who have contacted me regarding the Prime Minister and recent events.


Events have evolved over recent days. The Prime Minister is stepping down as Party Leader, triggering a leadership contest. A new Prime Minister will soon be in place.  


We should all want a Prime Minister who is reliable and honest.  


When I first became a minister, my Secretary of State said, “Carry out your responsibilities; when you make a mistake be upfront about it and we’ll take shared responsibility.”  


We need a leader who will work hard to restore trust, to build on what Boris Johnson did for good, and to tackle the issues that continue to face communities across the country.  


The issues facing us all, with the next Prime Minister, include trying to resolve the Northern Ireland Protocol; helping people cope with the cost of living crisis; and how the government will make further progress on leasehold problems and the cladding crisis.  


As Father of the House, I do not believe it appropriate to give a running commentary of party events. This is not criticism of those who do broadcast their views publicly.  


My habit over 46 years has been not to make a public or private comment about a party leader, whether mine or someone else’s, and I do not propose to change that now. If I have something to say to a Prime Minister, I say it directly, as I did first with Harold Wilson, and have done with most other Prime Ministers since then.  


Earlier this week, I wrote to the Prime Minister directly, asking him to consider his position for the good of the country.  


At times, I think of my role as that of a human lighthouse in Westminster. There are nights and days of storms as well as sunshine, there are rocks to avoid and there are responsibilities every day.  


We can each hope that there will now be an orderly and swift transition to maintain the stability which is so vital to the effective, undramatic functioning of government for our whole nation.  


I will continue working to assist constituents facing life-challenging difficulties and tackling injustice locally, nationally and abroad.    


If my team or I can ever help you, someone you care for or a neighbour with an issue they are facing please be in touch.    


Sir Peter Bottomley MP  

Member of Parliament for Worthing West

Father of the House