Protecting Goring Gap

Defending Chatsmore Farm and Goring Gap from unwanted and destructive development


19 January 2022

Worthing Planning Committee Decision

For me, and for many in Worthing and Arun, this week is dominated by the Chatsmore Farm developers’ appeal against Worthing Council's refusal of planning permission for hundreds of houses on the farmland by St Oscar Romero Catholic School.

The Public Inquiry, an appeal lodged by the developers against the council's decision to turn down the plans, is being heard by the Planning Inspectorate.

To help the Inspector understand, when giving evidence I shared the aerial view showing the fields that define the village of Ferring, separating it from Goring-by-Sea and from East Preston and Kingston.

Every parcel of agricultural land seems to be seen as a building plot by a keen builder. This is wrong.

I explained that there was little sustained objection to the West Durrington development nor to Teville Gate, Union Place and the Gasworks site. The community and council is united in sustained opposition to the land-grabbing proposals for Chatsmore Farm.

For more information, please visit: https://www.adur-worthing.gov.uk/goring-planning-appeal/

11 March 2021

Worthing Planning Committee Decision

At the Worthing Planning Committee, the planning application for cementing over the Northern Goring Gap was unanimously rejected. This is welcome news.

During the committee meeting, I shared my strong views in opposition to the proposed housing development.

Chatsmore Farm in Central Ward is the northern Goring Gap. If it is built on, the separation of the habitations is dramatically harmed.

For over twenty years I have fought against the opportunistic threat to the Goring Gap, the vital element of our shared well-being. Around London and Oxford, the farm would be designated green belt.

The entirety of the Goring Gap must remain as open land, not as foundations for hundreds of houses.

I back the local Goring and Worthing amenity groups together with the Ferring Conservation Group in the enduring campaign to protect Goring Gap and Chatsmore Farm.

15 January 2021

Update on Persimmon Planning Application

Persimmon’s application to concrete over Chatsmore Farm and desecrate the Goring Gap will now be considered at a special meeting of the Planning Committee on the 10th of March.


We can welcome this delay. Worthing Borough Council’s Local Plan, with its commitment to keep the Gaps as Local Green Space, is being given more time to progress and any delay in consideration of Persimmon’s plans will be in our favour.


Persimmon’s order book built up to record £1.7bn. This the the same company contradicting Worthing Borough Council’s aim to maintain the green fields between Goring by Sea and neighbouring Ferring in Arun District Council. Their profit is increasing at the expense of local communities and our environment.


The company board directors should come to account for their greed - or invite locals to ask questions at Persimmon’s AGM. I purchased a nominal amount of shares in Persimmon some time ago so that I could attend the AGM and hold them to account for their actions.


The fight to protect Goring Gap goes on. We can thank the hard work of many local community leaders: Ed Miller of Ferring Conservation Group amongst many others.

11 September 2020

Update on Persimmon Consultation

The message and video I have sent to the Prime Minister: we cannot allow our green lungs to be concreted over.

To the Ministers: do not dare to let otherwise acceptable planning changes allow the devestation of Goring Gap - a cherished natural divide greenbelt between Ferring and Goring.

Persimmon think it is right to put over 450 homes here. We do not.

Were we around London, it would be a formally recognised greenbelt and there would be national outrage.

I say to Persimmon, withdraw your proposals.

I ask that Worthing Borough Council hold up to their policies and do not approve this application.

Protect our Goring Gap.

9 September 2020

Planning Consultation OPEN

Persimmon Homes Ltd. Have, once more, applied to Worthing Borough Council for planning permission for 475 houses and flats - cementing over the north Goring Gap.

When Persimmon unveiled their proposals last October they received 588 responses and in their application, they only refer to one of these as a favourable response.

It would be perverse for this application to be approved when it is essentially the same as the previous unacceptable one.

It is clear that it is wrong for the neighbourhood and it wrong for the present residents and their neighbours. Community members made this abundantly clear locally during the 2019 General Election.

We welcome responsible and appropriate development to meet local housing needs, but our local green spaces must be protected.

There is no aspect of government policy that requires it to be approved – our local council must reject it. I stand united with local councillors, conservation groups and residents from across Goring, Ferring and Worthing, against this threatened development.

I am arranging an urgent meeting with the Housing Minister, Chris Pincher, to discuss this, among other important housing matters including leaseholder and commonholder concerns.

For those wishing to share their views, the deadline to respond to the consultation is the 30th of September.

To respond online, visit: https://planning.adur-worthing.gov.uk/.../applicationDeta...


You can also submit comments by email to:



or by post to:

Gary Peck,

Case Officer,

Planning Services,

Worthing Borough Council,

Portland House,

44 Richmond Road,


BN11 1HS

9 September 2020

Planning Consultation OPEN

There is a threat of development at Goring Gap and Chatsmore Farm which will fill in the green lung between the sea and Highdown.

I stand united with local councillors, conservation groups and residents from across Goring, Ferring and Worthing, against this threatened development.

To most people, this is unwelcome and unjustified. We cannot concrete over the entire southern coast.

We welcome responsible and appropriate development to meet local housing needs, but our local green spaces must be protected.

I hope that you will support me to continue to stand alongside you and fight against the opportunitstic attempt to build on the Goring Gap; treat our environment with due seriousness and consideration; and support sensible developments of vital, new, good quality homes.