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My response to the EveryDoctor #ReviveTheNHS mass-email campaign.

January 2023


Thank you for your email about the EveryDoctor #ReviveTheNHS campaign.

I continue to work closely with the clinicians and those who support them, together with each of the general practitioners’ surgeries, the NHS Trusts and community pharmacies. 

The unifying county organisation is the NHS Sussex Integrated Care Board. Colleague MPs and I meet them regularly to give support. 

If you wish, do ask the organisers at to ring me for a discussion if they wish. 

Let us together support staff and patients.


Over the years, we saved emergency services at Worthing and other local hospitals; we helped develop new GP premises at The Strand; and we see the integrated health services building going up by the Town Hall in central Worthing.  

I continue to work closely with NHS Foundation Trust in Sussex to ensure that both staff and patient health to remain a priority in these challenging times.

Thank you again for your email.


I wish you well. 

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