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The Situation in Iran


March 2023

House of Commons

Thank you for contacting me about the current situation in Iran.


Human rights underpin our foreign policy.


Although I was unable to attend the event on 7th March, I share your concerns over the current situation and continue to monitor the situation.


Iran's restrictions on the rights of women and those outside the Shia faith are a great concern for the government and our Foreign Secretary is in contact with his counterpart in Iran on a wide range of issues relating to the human current rights abuses.


The government is placing heavy sanctions on Iran, as well as specific sanctions against the Iranian Prosecutor General Mohammad Jafar Montezeri and every leader of the so-called Morality Police.


The treatment of religious minorities in Iran, including Christians, is troubling. The Government has called for the Iranian Government to release prisoners arrested on religious grounds.


Thank you again for your email.


I wish you well.

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