Southern Rail Issues

Ongoing concerns and campaigns regarding rail service to and from Worthing

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26 November 2018

Rail Ombudsman

I am pleased that the rail industry has today announced the launch of the new rail ombudsman service.


This is an important step forward for passengers' rights in getting fair compensation for unfair disruption and poor service.

The Ombudsman's role will be to focus on key issues for passengers including customer service, complaints handling, station issues and train service information. The Ombudsman will also have special responsibility for resolving disputes around the provision of assistance, services and facilities for disabled users.

Many of my constituents may have faced unfair disruptions recently when travelling, or attempting to travel, by rail. I recommend anyone with concerns about their treatment to contact the Ombudsman at the following addresses:


Phone: 0330 094 0362

20 June 2018

GTR Management Meeting

Today I met with Alex Foulds, Director of Services for Southern Railway, to discuss the ongoing issues and future development of services across Worthing and the South East.

To summarise the meeting, Southern Railway is well aware of the issues that countless commuters and rail users have encountered, having already emphasised the issues many of my constituents have faced, and hope to address these issues whilst further improving rail services for all of Worthing's residents. I urged Southern Railway to address these issues with the upmost haste, and ensure that all of my residents concerns are taken into account.

I requested that those responsible for the issues must give a frank assessment of what caused these problems, how they plan to address them, and what outcome we should expect.

It is welcome news to hear that services are becoming more reliable, with the impact of delays throughout the day greatly reduced. 

Following my advice, Southern Railway has assured me that there will be increased communication between service providers and the Department for Transport.

I also took the opportunity to raise the issue of long waits at the numerous level crossings across Worthing. With experience of level crossings across the country, one can be well aware that the lengths of time drivers in Worthing are forced to wait are longer than both necessary and acceptable. Southern Railway and the other key partners in attendance agreed that the issue should be resolved quickly, with a long term plan enacted to radically improve the relations between rail and road users in Worthing and across the South East.

24 May 2018

Transport Questions and Timetabling

This afternoon, I requested that the Department for Transport work alongside the rail industry to put out a statement regarding the effect of timetabling changes introduced at the begining of this week, as well as accentuating the necessity to address the difficulties my constituents may have faced over the last week owing to the timetabling changes.

It is important that we all know what we can expect from next week on, and that if there are glitches, they can be cured with due haste and not left until the next major overhaul. 

We must continue to campaign together to ensure that train services to and from our stations continue to improve.

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