In every street and every community, my team and I have been in touch delivering for you, working with you, and helping you when in need. 

Delivering a united message of ambition, responsibility and inclusivity means reaching every household across the constituency.​ If you share my hope for a responsible and moderate representative for our communities, I would be grateful for your help.

There are many ways to offer support: you may wish to assist in leaflet deliveries, attending events or even in becoming a local councillor.

As is commonly said, every little helps.

Let me work with you, for our communities and for our country.

Sir Peter Bottomley
Member of Parliament
Worthing West, East Preston,

Ferring and Rustington.

Can you help us delivering or knocking?

Keeping in touch with members of our community is important if we are to deliver a message of inclusivity and ambition whilst delivering for residents locally.


If you might be able to spare any thing from a couple of hours on a Sunday or an evening during the week, please get in touch. There are always opportunities to get involved with the local party and ongoing campaigns in Worthing West.

You can email me at or call me at 0207 219 5060.