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Worthing Local Councillors

The below link allows you to search for who your local Councillor is should you live in a ward within Worthing.

Councillors are responsible for many local issues and may be a useful first port of call for local issues such as bin collection and graffiti.

Worthing Council

West Worthing
Conservatives Association

West Worthing Conservatives are responsible for the election of your Conservative Councillors in parish, local and county council elections.

 It is also responsible for local General Election campaign​s and Police and Crime Commissioners.


Arun Local Councillors


The below link allows you to search for who your local Councillor is should you live in a ward within Arun.

Councillors are responsible for many local issues and may be a useful first port of call for local issues such as bin collection and graffiti.

Arun Council

The Winning Coronation Card Design - April 2023

I was pleased to reveal the winning design of my Coronation Card Competition. The winning design is by Ethan, aged 9, a pupil at West Park CofE Primary School.


The design encompasses the feelings many share in reflecting on Her Late Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II's legacy, and the King's promise for the commonwealth of nations.


Ethan's design was made into a card delivered by me to the King on behalf of everyone across Worthing West, sharing our very best wishes to the King and Queen and thanking them for their service to our nation and to the Commonwealth.


Angmering Tennis Club Refurbished- April 2023

I was grateful for the invitation to be present at the re-opening of newly refurbished facilities at Angmering-on-Sea Lawn Tennis Club. During the past two years, the club has undergone significant refurbishment through a particularly challenging time.


The community in East Preston, surrounding the impressive tennis club, can be proud to be home to such a good modern facility with a thriving junior competitive membership, an active and significant healthy Senior Citizen membership and strong social-playing adult members. 


I share in congratulating the team behind the refurbishment.


Tackling Anti-Social Behaviour - April 2023

I went on a walkabout with our local police team to discuss recent anti-social behaviour and criminal activity in central Worthing and the concerns of local residents.


We can welcome the news that Sussex will be one of 16 areas in England and Wales to trial the 'Immediate Justice' programme as part of the Government's new action to tackle anti-social behaviour. Wherever you live, you have the right to feel safe and proud of your community. 


Thank you to the Sussex Police team for taking the time to discuss local anti-social behaviour and the concerns of  Worthing residents.


Celebrating English Tourism Week - March 2023

English Tourism Week celebrates the importance of our local visitor economy. I recognised the exciting groundbreaking 'Let The Light In' proposal, planned for Worthing Museum, who are leading the way in supporting and building on our important tourism sector.  


The transformation promises to remove the plasterboard panels and lower ceilings added during the 60s and 70s, and toremove boards from windows and roof lights to open up the building. 


I visited the Museum to meet the team and look further at the dramatic improvement the project could have.


Durrington High School Visit - March 2023

Thank you to the entire community at Durrington High School for the warm welcome, the tour provided by the Head Students and the helpful discussion with the leadership team.


t was encouraging to hear from so many polite, intelligent and curious teenagers. The students asked a variety of challenging and engaging questions.


The teaching and supporting staff work tremendously hard to foster a new generation of aspiring citizens and leaders. They do so with what they are afforded from national and local budgets. I continue to fight for fair funding for our Schools.


Durrington Constituent Advice Session - March 2023

Local residents and Councillors joined me for the Drop-in Advice Surgery in Durrington's Tesco. Constituents raised many important issues and requests for assistance including the rising cost of living, support for our local special educational needs schools and the fight for our green spaces.


We discussed local anti-social behaviour (ASB) concerns and how we can better support our police to support and protect our communities. I welcome the Home Office’s ASB Action Plan which will hopefully help better help victims and those who support them.


I thank the helpful Tesco staff.


Save Our Gaps - February 2023

Many will know of my long-standing support for local communities fighting for our natural environment and in support of new homes only where they are consistent with adequate public services, provision of utilities and without too much destruction to our green spaces naturally separating communities. 


The application to develop the Ferring vineyard by the A259 is the latest to need resisting. I support the Save Our Gaps Alliance, working with neighbouring MPs and local groups. 


I thank all who submitted their comments ahead of the deadline on the 2nd of March. 

Save Our Gap 2023.jpg

Support for Worthing Leisure Centre - February 2023

The service provided by the leisure sector, its contribution to keeping communities healthy, and the wider social value it creates upfront are of great importance.


I am grateful to Duncan Anderson (Chief Executive) and Rachel Ramdin (Chair) from South Downs Leisure for extending an invitation to their impressive facilities at Worthing Leisure Centre to discuss the impact the leisure industry is facing from high energy bills. 


Energy costs represent a large proportion of a leisure facility’s operating budget. More can and should be done to help.

Worthing Leisure Centre 2023.jpg

Community Pharmacy Visit - February 2023

Let us all share our gratitude for our local pharmacists and their colleagues for what they do every day.


I was pleased to visit Boots Pharmacy to meet the heroes who carried us through the first years of Covid. We remember the important role they played in ensuring the fast and effective roll-out of the Covid vaccine and the unperturbed provision of necessary primary healthcare and advice.


We discussed the main challenges impacting community pharmacies and the new national pharmacy services supporting patients with their healthcare needs.

Boots Pharmacy Visit 2023.jpeg

Worthing Constituent Advice Surgery - January 2023

I am grateful to the local residents who joined me for my Drop-in Advice Surgery in Worthing Library. Constituents raised a number of important issues including a detailed discussion on making the NHS more effective, also increasing easier access to prescription services.


We discussed anti-social behaviour and how best to support our police. I continue to act on issues raised with me. I feed concerns to local and central government when necessary.


Here is the link for constituents to get in touch. We are ready to help. One person's problem can become a national campaign.

Worthing Surgery January 2023.jpg

Visit to Worthing College - January 2023

Students at Worthing College presented me with a variety of challenging and interesting questions during my visit to the college.


Students were well-mannered, well-spoken and good representatives of an aspiring and promising new generation.


The students and I considered, amongst many other important topics, which would have been the right year to confront Adolf Hitler’s Nazis? This came appropriately in the lead-up to Holocaust Remembrance Day. I will continue to do what I can to support our next generation through fairer funding and ever-higher standards.

Worthing College 2023.jpg

Tackling Local Flooding - December 2022

I have been in urgent contact with the Highways Team at West Sussex County Council with serious concerns about flooding in numerous locations across Worthing and Arun that people felt have gone unnoticed. One particularly severe area of concern was in Ferring Village.


I asked for and achieved an immediate response for actions to reduce and solve the problems. We continue to monitor the situation closely. Severe flooding impacts drivers, pedestrians, cyclists and public transport. 


We recognised the need for urgent action to address and resolve this. 

Ferring 2023 1.png

School Provision in Worthing and Arun - November 2022

I thoroughly enjoyed the Christmas Fair at Care for Veterans ’ Giffard House in early December. So many came together to contribute in support of such an important cause.


Andy Neaves, Chief Executive, did not give instructions during the day; he was instead behind the bar, confident in the good work of all of his caring team and aware that in serving drinks he would meet everyone.


The Home is famous for its care, meeting the needs of the whole – physical, medical, social and emotional. Life continues to have meaning for the residents and their families thanks to the caring staff. 

Care for Veterans Xmas Fayre 2022.jpeg

School Provision in Worthing and Arun - November 2022

There is a direct link between the overprovision of places and the funding of our schools. An overprovision of school places creates an unnecessary competition for pupils that leads to some schools losing vital funding with the ebbs and flows of the local population within generational dynamics.


I have been active with local heads and parents to make more sensible arrangements. West Sussex County Council are consulting on primary school places in Worthing. Please respond. 


When change comes, it should be for the benefit of pupils and their families, and in support of their teachers.

Ferring Primary School 2.jpg

School Provision in Worthing and Arun - November 2022

There is a direct link between the overprovision of places and the funding of our schools. An overprovision of school places creates an unnecessary competition for pupils that leads to some schools losing vital funding with the ebbs and flows of the local population within generational dynamics.


I have been active with local heads and parents to make more sensible arrangements. West Sussex County Council are consulting on primary school places in Worthing. Please respond. 


When change comes, it should be for the benefit of pupils and their families, and in support of their teachers.

Ferring Primary School 2.jpg

Rustington Advice Surgery - November 2022

I am grateful to the local residents who joined me for my Drop-in Advice Surgery in Rustington alongside Cllr Shaun Gunner and Cllr Alison Cooper.


Constituents raised a number of important issues including pay for nurses. We also discussed local problems from persistent anti-social behaviour.


I continue to act on the concerns raised and feed these concerns back to local and central government when necessary. More is being done; financial resources have grown over the past decade and plans to increase funding in the future will continue to have my support.

Rustington Surgery November 2022.jpg

Arun Remembrance Events - November 2022

On Remembrance Sunday, I attended services and laid wreaths at the Kingston Gorse and the East Preston war memorials.


At Remembrance Services and Ceremonies across the constituency and in Westminster, and whenever I pause to read names on Memorials, I recall that the purposes of politics include the responsibility to reduce conflict and to prevent civil war in nations across the world. Peace should not have to be the result of bloodshed. Democracy matters.


I encourage all to consider this as we witness the atrocities in Ukraine. Death and destruction seldom follow fair open elections.

Arun Remembrance 2022.jpg

Accessibility at the Pier Pavillion - October 2022

I met with Sally McDonald and Cllr Russ Cochran outside of the Pavillion Theatre to look at the urgent need for better accessible and disabled parking and drop-off facilities.


It is clear that the current offering is not good enough. One space is not sufficient for the many patrons who visit the theatre and pier.


Care homes and accessible groups are dissuaded from visiting, meaning some of our most vulnerable community members are left unable to enjoy the fantastic cultural offerings the Pavillion Theatre and wider town centre offers.


Meeting the Coastal Team at Worthing - October 2022

It was highly rewarding to meet with the team at the coastal office on the promenade to hear about their work to protect water users and to restore local habitats.


Without Robert Dove and his excellent team, beach users would only be able to rely on the blue light services which we know are reactive rather than proactive.


It is reassuring to hear about the positive impacts already being seen thanks to restorative interventions such as the trawling ban and kelp forest designation – increased fish populations, as well as greater bird flock sizes and murmurations, spotted locally.

Coastal Office 2 2022.jpg

Worthing Constituent Advice Surgery - October 2022

I am grateful to the local residents who joined me for my drop-in advice surgery in central Worthing. Constituents raised a number of important issues including cost of living concerns and issues with road crossings locally.


I continue to act on issues raised and feed these concerns back to both local and central government when necessary. Some will be reassured to know that the Government's second cost of living payment will be with those most in need in the coming days. 


As always, residents are invited to contact me with any issues they may require assistance with at any time. 

Worthing Surgery September 2022.jpg

Ardingly Drive Overground Utilities - September 2022

I met with residents of Ardingly Drive to discuss their ongoing attempt to have City Fibre remove the recently erected telegraph poles in Ardingly Drive and instead install cabling underground.


There are a growing number of complaints about City Fibre poles appearing unexpectedly without expected and necessary communication and are, too often, inappropriate.


My team and I have reached out to the County Council and to City Fibre to seek further clarification of their reasons for these decisions and requesting they explore alternative ways to resolve residents' concerns.


Pedestrian Safety on Station Road - September 2022

The Rustington Residents Association should be applauded for their ongoing campaign for a pedestrian crossing on Station Road outside of Rustington Hall.


It is clear that walkers, from the very old to the young children going to and from school, will benefit by having a pedestrian crossing where they have priority. 


Everyone should be able to cross the road with confidence. Elderly people living at Rustington Hall, local churchgoers, and patients at the GP Surgery will benefit greatly from the protection of a pedestrian crossing. We must not wait until there is a fatal collision.


Celebrating Bright Stars in Worthing - September 2022

It was a pleasure to join staff and residents at Bright Star Childrens Centre, formerly Cissbury Lodge, to celebrate their 'outstanding' rating from OFSTED. I congratulate them.


The children at Bright Star depend upon highly specialised accommodation and tailored professional support. OFSTED recognised that the quality of care at Bright Star consistently exceeds the best standards nationally.


The team are deeply committed to the children in their care. I admire their professionalism matched by a deep personal connection with the children. We thank them all.


Worthing Better Business Fair - September 2022

How can we restore growth within the next two years? Part of the answer lay in the displays at Worthing’s Leisure Centre last week where some 100 businesses and organisations gathered together for the Better Business Show.


It was inspiring to see the good causes and the thriving businesses mingling with great enthusiasm and enterprise. Many recognisable local businesses and entrepreneurs were in attendance. Several shared their exciting plans about investing in our local economy. 


Everyone benefits when people and businesses get together in this positive gathering.

Better Business Fair 2022.jpeg

Lansdowne Development Objection - August 2022

For some time we have been anticipating an application for a housing estate at Lansdowne Nursery.


It has now been formally submitted to Arun District Council and is available to view and to comment on, on their website. Lansdowne Nursery, like the vineyard and golf course, is an appropriate use of the green gap providing a natural divide between communities and bridging the South Downs National Park and sea. 


I encourage all to submit their views to the council. We recognise the need to defend our green lungs and not cement over every green field along our stretch of the coast.


Concern for Local Bathing Water Quality - August 2022

It is vital to protect the quality of our bathing waters. Sewage entering our rivers and beaches is wrong.


We expect Southern Water to do better. In recent weeks I have been in close contact with Southern Water and the Environment Agency with great concern. I have joined with other MPs from across Sussex, calling for an urgent meeting with both organisations to press for improvements that minimise future pollution of our bathing water.


It is essential that we monitor discharges and continue to increase our understanding of the scale of the issue. I will continue to raise these issues in Parliament.


Public Forum with PCC about Travellers - August 2022

Residents and groups from across the Worthing and Arun parts of my constituency were glad to meet with the Police Commissioner, Katy Bourne, at Ferring Village Hall to share the impact on their communities because of the recent traveller incursions.


The commissioner and I heard about wrongdoings by the travellers and the problems the police had in managing blatant law-breaking.


Residents told how they worked together to protect their private, communal and public lands for fear of losing them through breaking and entry. Unauthorised caravaners should not be breaking the law.


Improvements to Dental Care Locally - July 2022

I am pleased to hear that patients across Worthing and Arun will benefit from improved access to dental care under changes announced by NHS England. 


New reforms to the dental contract mean NHS dentists will be paid more for treating more complex cases, such as people who need three fillings or more. Dental therapists will also be able to accept patients for NHS treatments, providing fillings, sealants, and preventative care, which will free up dentists’ time for urgent and complex cases.


I urge the Government to continue on this positive trajectory so that we may see a full resolution in the years to come.


Further Rail Strikes - July 2022

July saw another day of strikes on our railways. GTR and Southern services did not run on Wednesday the 27th July, with reductions and delays continuing through until the end of Thursday the 28th. The reoccurrence of these strikes is wrong and simply should not continue to happen.


I speak on behalf of rail users across Worthing and Arun. Consideration for passengers and the vulnerable should be paramount when either party desires to make their point. It is wrong that the country is held to ransom.


I have put these views to leaders of GTR and Southern, the Transport Secretary and Union leaders.


Constituent Advice Session in East Preston - June 2022

I was available to meet local residents at my drop-in advice session in East Preston. I visited those who had booked in to meet me, ahead of the scheduled time, we then had the opportunity to chat with residents going about their weekly shop at the Sea Road parade of stores.


Many wished to discuss current affairs including the situation in Ukraine and local development concerns. My team and I work hard to assist those facing difficult situations. We can be in contact by telephone, email or face to face to discuss problems and issues.


Contact details are available on my website:

East Preston Surgery June 2022.jpg

Jubilee Exhibition on Promenade - June 2022

An exhibition to celebrate the UK's longest-serving monarch has opened at the Seafront Gallery in Worthing. The display, called 'One Of Us', features 19 digital collages that combine images of the Queen with pictures of everyday life in Worthing.

It was a delight to meet Anna Brownsted, the artist commissioned by Adur & Worthing Councils who gathered images from local archives and from members of the community to create a picture of life in Worthing from the 1950s until the present date.

It is a fitting celebration of the Queen’s enduring dedication to our nation and to our local community.


Jubilee Celebrations at East Preston Juniors - May 2022

I was pleased to join with the school community at East Preston Junior School as part of their Platinum Jubilee celebrations. Pupils delighted in showing me their creations and, in return, I told them my own memories of the Queen's coronation and stories since.


The festivities culminated in a family picnic with jive dancing, choir singing and an amazing raffle. The Parish Council kindly gifted a souvenir mug for every child. 


Helping the young to be involved in celebrations is right and proper, especially in recognising the care and concern with which Her Majesty has behaved throughout her service as Queen.


RESTART Service in Worthing - May 2022

I joined Ian Ross and his enthusiastic team in welcoming the DWP minister Mims Davies MP to the new Whitehead Ross RESTART service where the Beale's department store once traded in Worthing. 


Whitehead-Ross Education is delivering the Restart scheme in Adur and Worthing in partnership with prime provider Fedcap Employment.


In the short time since Restart scheme started, the team have celebrated their 200th participant getting back into work. 


The Restart Scheme is helping people to pick up the skills, experience and confidence to find a suitable job and build sustainable careers.


Ferring Constituent Advice Surgery - May 2022

I am grateful to the local residents who joined me for my drop-in advice surgery at Ferring's ASDA. Advice and requests for help ranged from assistance with housing and immigration to those who wished to discuss current affairs including the situation in Ukraine and Northern Ireland.


Thank you to the team at ASDA for their warm hospitality.


Local residents are invited to drop in to future advice surgeries should they desire assistance with an issue they may be facing and would prefer to speak in person. 


Do get in touch for further details. Contact details are available on my website, here.


Meeting Residents of Chapman Court - May 2022

It was a delight to visit residents at Chapman Court on Littlehampton Road. The team and residents offered a warm welcome and showed how much they enjoyed living there.


There were pleasant and cheerful exchanges on current affairs with people whose lives have covered the momentous decades during the Queen’s reign. I congratulate Housing 21 for carrying on the tradition of the Royal British Legion in adding years to peoples' life in such a caring and supportive community.


Everyone wishes for a comfortable and happy retirement. The team at Housing 21 work hard to make this possible for their residents.


Worthing Mayor Making Ceremony - May 2022

During the Mayor Making ceremony for Worthing Borough Council, I joined in thanking the outgoing Mayor, Cllr Lionel Harman, for his service over the past two years. 


Let us warmly welcome the new Mayor, Cllr Henna Chowdhury, who has chosen three esteemed charities to support: West Sussex Mind, Superstar Arts, and Mencap. Cllr Steve Waight spoke for me and many others when he welcomed her to the position, declaring that she has the support of the entire Council.


We recognise the value of the Mayor's role in chairing council meetings, championing local causes and representing Worthing.


Outstanding Service at St Barnabas House - April 2022

Over the years as Member of Parliament for Worthing West, I have been able to help with the planning permission for Chestnut Tree House and for the relocation of St Barnabas House. Both are in excellent positions, now.


I have supported the hospice movement since my aunt, a retired doctor, assisted Dame Cecily Saunders at the world’s first purpose-built hospice. 


The chief executive and the chair helped refreshed my knowledge of how the local hospice team maintain and develop life-serving care.


They provide invaluable support for patients and their families at the most vulnerable of times. 


Resolution to Bin Strike - April 2022

Local residents will share in welcoming the news that the industrial action by waste collection teams in Worthing has ended.


Bins are again being emptied. It is wrong that the GMB continued with their industrial action regardless of recognised industrial relation customs. That delayed negotiations.


News that local left-wingers vocally supported those going against these respected national procedures will disappoint some. The hard work of our local refuse teams is respected and remunerated appropriately.


The strike was unnecessary and expensive. Disputes between unions should not hold local residents to ransom.


Goring-by-Sea Constituent Advice Session - April 2022

Local residents spoke with my casework team and me at my most recent advice session at Goring-by-Sea Library. We help wherever and whenever possible.


Requests for help ranged from assistance with housing concerns and the situation in Ukraine to those wishing to discuss current affairs in Westminster. Some thanked my team and me in person for helping them over the course of a difficult few years.


Thank you to the library staff for their warm hospitality and for accommodating us.


We help most people by telephone and online. Contact details are on my website, here.


Durrington Constituent Advice Session - March 2022

I am grateful to all who joined me for my drop-in advice surgery at Durrington Library earlier in March.


I was pleased to speak with local residents about matters ranging from support for Ukrain to overseas aid. 


One visitor stood out. Nicci Parish set up Billy and Beyond CIC, a local charity, after tragically losing her son in November 2020 having taken MDMA to celebrate his 24th birthday in lockdown. 


Her mission is to support young people's mental well-being through raising awareness of the dangers of drugs and sharing with young people the knowledge of what to do if something goes wrong.


Visit to Worthing Jobcentre - March 2022

I was pleased to meet with the highly-capable team at the Worthing Jobcentre on Montague Street. Each day presents different people in need of guidance and support. Recent success stories are inspiring.


The team are professional and highly knowledgable. They care about the short term and long term results of their work. What they do helps people to change their lives.


Some of the team have been in place for many years. With supportive colleagues and the knowledge that their work is changing lives, it is easy to understand why many in the team remain in place for some time, benefiting those using the service.


Celebrating #EnglishTourismWeek - March 2022

#EnglishTourismWeek22 is an annual celebration of the tourism industry and its contribution to our economy. We celebrate the special places in and around Worthing and Arun that make our area a world-class destination. 


As quoted in The Guardian, Highdown Gardens are a 'fragrant oasis of musk roses and mock orange blossom' where 'grassy paths wind past ferns and irises, and through clouds of lilacs and delphiniums'. 


We also recognise the hard work that has been put into renovating the Pier's Southern Pavilion. The visible progress is outstanding and the team hopes to see Perch on the Pier open by Easter.


Accessibility at Durrington Station - March 2022

Disabled access at Durrington-on-Sea station was again at the forefront of my mind when speaking with Network Rail recently.


Currently, those needing to change platforms have to walk over a kilometre to reach the opposite platform - for those with wheelchairs, pushchairs and any mobility issues, this is an almost impossible requirement. I have submitted an initial recommendation that Durrington Station receives massive investment under the Access For All Funding process for 2023.


This will be a group focus from local Councillors, Community Groups and residents who echo the urgent need for accessibility.

Durrington Station.jpg

Groundbreaking Worthing Care Centre - February 2022

I was pleased to join local Councillors and representatives of each of the healthcare partners at the groundbreaking ceremony of Worthing's landmark £34 million healthcare centre in the heart of our town.


The centre will be a state of the art one-stop-shop for residents seeking help with a range of care issues including ample space for doctors, mental health specialists, outpatients, health visitors and a pharmacy. We all share in a desire for a good place to live, a good place to work and for excellent healthcare facilities.


Here again, we can see our Council working hard for our interests and delivering for Worthing.

Worthing Integrated Care Centre Ground Breaking 11.02.22 1.jpg

Opposing Unwanted Development - February 2022

I join with the Ferring Conservation Group to oppose further plans for development at Lansdown Nursery, below Highdown, part of the Angmering-Worthing Gap.


The proposal has yet to be put forward as a formal planning application. We visited the proposed site north of the A259 and reviewed the plans. It seems every parcel of agricultural land is seen as a potential building plot by a keen builder. This is wrong. I ask that Arun District Council maintains their policy and does not approve this.


We welcome responsible development to meet housing needs. Local green spaces must be protected.

Lansdowne Development 2022 2.jpg

Temporary Timetable Changes - January 2022

West Sussex MPs are asking to meet rail chiefs. Across Southern and Thameslink.  Since the 4th of January 2022, there has been a reduced weekday timetable.


We understand the reduction is in response to a high level of absence among critical railway staff because of Covid cases. It means residents travelling by rail are being asked to allow additional time and may need to take alternative routes, such as travelling via London Bridge or taking a Thameslink train onto other parts of central London. Some school journeys may be affected. 


Further details about ongoing changes can be found on the websites for Southern and for GWR.


Celebrating our Bathing Water Quality - January 2022

Bathing waters across the South East, especially here in Worthing and Arun, have achieved their highest ever ratings in Defra’s Bathing Water summer sampling regime.

Here in Worthing, the quality of bathing water has increased from 'Sufficient' in 2019 to 'Good' in 2021. Likewise along the Arun coast, the 5 bathing water ratings have increased from two 'excellent' and three 'good' in 2019 to three 'excellent' and two 'good' in 2021.

I will continue to work with the new management team at Southern Water, in close collaboration with our local councils, regulators and organisations, to continue to increase the standard of our bathing waters. The recognition of our high-quality bathing waters only emboldens our work to further defend the quality of our waters.


Celebrating our Academic Community - December 2021

Our local schools across Worthing and Arun, primary through post-16, are helping to develop a new generation of inquisitive minds, impressive ambitions and industrious skill sets.


Our local education communities go from strength to strength. This is thanks to the enthusiasm of the students and the care and confidence of the staff, together with the support of the local community across Worthing and Arun.


I saw this first hand whilst attending St Oscar Romero School's awards ceremony in December at the Pavillion Theatre in Worthing. I congratulate the many students who received awards.

Oscar Romero Awards 2021.jpg

High Speed Fibre in Worthing & Arun - November 2021

I was pleased to meet with Adrian Smith at CityFibre, based in Goring, who are bringing gigabit speed to Worthing and Arun communities. We understand the vast advantages of seamless, future-proof, high-speed connection. It is like turning on a tap.


Libraries, emergency services, housing offices and many other important public sector offices have already been connected by the teams at CityFibre. My team and I are pleased to support whenever possible.


There are challenges in certain communities, notably private estates. We will see the difference, in some areas an improvement 100 fold better. 

City Fibre 2021.jpg

Visiting Brewhouse & Kitchen - October 2021

Beechwood Hall, the former hotel on Wykeham Road, lives on as a function room in the newly opened Brewhouse & Kitchen. The copper microbrewery is impressive; so are the overall levels of investment and attention to detail.


During my visit, I admired the growing range of good no-and-low alcohol drinks on offer behind the bar in addition to the range of home-brewed ales. The familiarity and history of traditional pubs will guarantee their continuing popularity. 


Pubs, and our wider hospitality industry, are at the heart of our communities and local economies here in Worthing and Arun.

Brewhouse and Kitchen 2021 2.jpg

Durrington BoKlok Development - October 2021

I was pleased to join with popular local Councillor Sean McDonald of Northbrook Ward along with the developers of the newest housing in West Durrington, BoKlok.


The development will bring sustainable and affordable Scandinavian style homes to a prime location in West Durrington.


Unlike some more traditional and problematic builders, BoKlok have been actively engaged from the start with the remarkable Terry Woodjetts and the New West Durrington Residents Association whose well-judged activism is appreciated both by me and by the local community.

Worthing BoKlok Visit 2021 2.jpg

Joining Our Local Masjid - October 2021

East Worthing MP Tim Loughton and I were kindly welcomed to Friday Prayers at Worthing's Mosque. Afterwards, we enjoyed talking with leading members of the Worthing Islamic Society.


We are united in respecting faith. Faith is a strength in our communities. We share responsibility and the ability to make our future a better place. We can do what is kind, what is necessary and what is right.


We thank Ali Abdul Rahman, chairman of Worthing Mosque, the Islamic society and at the mosque for the contribution they make to community life.

Worthing Masjid 2021.jpg

Worthing Mental Health Week - October 2021

October included Worthing's 9th annual Mental Health Awareness Week. At the launch event, at Offington Methodist church, speakers included Councillor Sean McDonald and Town Cryer Robert Smytherman.


My brief words were appreciative of the Mayor and the other councillors for joining the statutory and voluntary services, the professionals and the service users.


The variety of speakers, activities and demonstrations is inspiring and valuable. 


I admire the activtists and organisers for their good work. I encourage all to visit the website and join in with this important work.

mental health.jpg

Worthing Library Advice Surgery - September 2021

I am grateful to the local residents who joined me for my Drop-in advice surgery at Worthing Library. We welcome the return to regular surgery opportunities. 


Requests for help range from assistance with housing, immigration and Covid-19, to those who simply wished to discuss current affairs or to thank my team and me in person for helping them over the course of a difficult year.


I am pleased to meet parents and young children enjoying the new facilities after school and the staff team providing this vital community resource.

Worthing Library Surgery 2021.jpg

Ferring Country Centre Development - September 2021

The Duchess of Norfolk officially opened the new £700,000 café and visitor centre at Ferring Country Centre. I was pleased to be in attendance. Many will agree that the centre is brilliant.


120 people with learning disabilities visit the centre every week and are looked after by many staff and volunteers. There are work opportunities in a wide range of activities in the stables with an indoor riding school, the garden centre, a farm with a large variety of animals, and now the spacious café.


If there are national awards for local achievement, Ferring Country Centre would come in at the top level.

Ferring County Centre 1.jpg

Development in Worthing - August 2021

I welcomed the then-Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government, Robert Jenrick MP, to Worthing to see the exciting regeneration projects happening and planned.


The Secretary of State could see how the Council plans to regenerate the central quarters to combine a broad range of arts with revived shopping and a range of homes.


We look forward to welcoming the new Secretary of State, Michael Gove MP, to see the progress being made across Worthing and Arun. He will be reassured that when we say we will do something for the benefit of the community, it will happen.

SoS Visit 2021.jpg

Rampion Wind Farm Extension - August 2021

The consultation period for the Rampion Wind Farm Extension has closed. I shared my views.


We can unite in supporting renewable energy but share in concern at inappropriate projects with adverse impacts. I echo the concerns shared by Andrew Griffith, MP for Arundel and the South Downs, and Nick Gibb, MP for Bognor Regis and Littlehampton, in saying that the location for the project isn't the right one.


We support the government's aim to be a world leader in renewable energy. We wonder if this stretch of the Sussex coastline is appropriate, or inappropriate for such a large extended wind farm.


Reopening Worthing Library - July 2021

I was pleased to visit the newly-reopened Worthing Library and see the hard work that has gone into improving this already well-used and relied-upon centre.


The library reopened on June 22 following six months of work. This has brought together a number of county council services, including an enhanced library service, under one roof. 


The team are to be commended. They have continued through the work at their temporary site further along Richmond Road and have been of great use to local communities throughout the pandemic. Take the opportunity to visit the newly renovated public building.

Worthing Library 1 2021.jpg

Visiting Worthing Job Centre - June 2021

I was delighted to visit the team at Worthing Jobcentre. The number of users has more than doubled since before the Covid pandemic. We all are very well served by this team of dedicated and highly capable staff.


A significant proportion of the experienced team had worked in the private sector in the recent past in addition to those with wide experience of the public sector. They are a broadly skilled team and work hard to enthuse and develop those facing difficulties in entering the workforce.


We are grateful to the hard-working team, they help employers recruit good staff. They advise jobseekers.

20210629_153904000_iOS 1.jpg

The Winning Coronation Card Design - April 2023

I was pleased to reveal the winning design of my Coronation Card Competition. The winning design is by Ethan, aged 9, a pupil at West Park CofE Primary School.


The design encompasses the feelings many share in reflecting on Her Late Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II's legacy, and the King's promise for the commonwealth of nations.


Ethan's design was made into a card delivered by me to the King on behalf of everyone across Worthing West, sharing our very best wishes to the King and Queen and thanking them for their service to our nation and to the Commonwealth.


High Salvington Green Spaces - May 2021

I was pleased to meet with Mary Meadows, Chair of Residents Association High Salvington, to visit the Nancy Price Sanctuary in High Salvington.


Some land in the sanctuary was the subject of an application, now withdrawn, by a neighbouring property. The council put it to consultation within the local community.


The HSRA submitted strong objections to the council, with serious concerns about setting a very unwelcome precedent. I share these concerns.


Our treasured green spaces are havens for wildlife and their benefit for nature is matched by their benefit for our mental and physical health.


I stand by the residents and community against unwanted development stealing away our treasured green spaces.

Honeysuckle Lane 2021.jpg

Worthing Observation Wheel Returns - May 2021


I was pleased to meet with Mary Meadows, Chair of Residents Association High Salvington, to visit the Nancy Price Sanctuary in High Salvington.


Some land in the sanctuary was the subject of an application, now withdrawn, by a neighbouring property. The council put it to consultation within the local community.


The HSRA submitted strong objections to the council, with serious concerns about setting a very unwelcome precedent. I share these concerns.


Our treasured green spaces are havens for wildlife and their benefit for nature is matched by their benefit for our mental and physical health.


I stand by the residents and community against unwanted development stealing away our treasured green spaces.


A Renewed Highdown Garden - May 2021

Highdown Gardens have held a special place in all our hearts. We can celebrate as the gardens reopen following a year-long £1million facelift project.


I was pleased to attend the reopening celebrations and admire the hard work so many have put into creating this world-class visitor attraction.


The project has been part-funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund, helping increase accessibility to the gardens, as well as telling the social and horticultural story of its establishment and the work undertaken.


The Gardens remain free to visit. Booking has been necessary under current restrictions.

Highdown Gardens 2021.jpg

Worthing Observation Wheel Returns - May 2021


Many will share in delight at the news the Worthing Observational Wheel (WOW) is set to return this summer in time for the Bank Holiday, courtesy of Adur & Worthing Councils.

The Wheel has been hugely successful over the last couple of years with more than 50,000 people taking rides which gave them spectacular views of our beautiful stretch of the coast.

Users will be reassured by the additional measures being put in place to ensure the attraction is COVID-safe.

A smaller 33 metre high wheel, with no enclosed carriages, will ensure there is plenty of necessary ventilation. Multiple hand sanitiser stations, enhanced cleaning of the facilities and additional specialised training will help to keep users safe.


Cultural Recovery Funding - April 2021


We welcome the crucial funding to support our cultural sector in recovering from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. Over £2,931,049 has been awarded to support 20 organisations across West Sussex.

Here in Worthing West, four organisations have been awarded over £170,000 in total. These four organisation are:

- The JMK Trust who have been awarded £25,000

- Atom Promotions who have been awarded £27,838

- Worthing Theatres and Museum who have been awarded £98,398

- Wowbagger Productions who have been awarded £20,000

The announcement brings the Government’s total investment in the cultural recovery here in Worthing West to over £800,000. This includes £323,442 previously invested in the Dome Cinema and £300,000 to Worthing Theatres and Museum and Forty Two (Ents24).

Worthing Museum and Theatre.jpg

Goring Post Office - March 2021


Almost every high street bank has announced branch closures in the past 12 months, pushing customers to find alternative services for everyday banking requirements. Post Office is now often the last counter in town and serving as a vital channel for communities accessing cash.

Residents local to Goring and Worthing may have seen the recent announcement that Santander will be closing the branch at 37 Goring Road, Worthing BN12 4AR.

The Post Office at 112 George V Avenue, Worthing BN11 5RU continues to be there to support local residents with their everyday banking services.

Customers can use Post Office branches to withdraw and deposit cash and cheques, as well as check their balance. This is matched at locations in Rustington, East Preston, Angmering, Ferring, Durrington, Tarring and across Worthing.

Royal Mail Ambrose place postman_edited.

Titnore Lane Safety - February 2021


Local residents and all sections of the travelling public will share in gratitude to Barry Burks and to Councillor Sean McDonald and to the Worthing Herald for the campaign for increased safety measures to be put in place on Titnore Lane.

Titnore Lane is a route that should be safe for walkers, cyclists and horse riders in addition to cars drivers and light commercial traffic.

For years I have believed the maximum speed limit should be 40mph. The safe speed at some points is nearer 30mph.

There are unexpected bends. The road surface is not level. It may be the most dangerous stretch of road in Worthing. Without action, I predict sadly lives will be lost unnecessarily.


Cherry Trees in our Communities - January 2021

I was pleased to have secured over 40 Japanese flowering cherry trees for our local area, donated by Japanese industries and organisations, as part of the Sakura Cherry Tree Project.


They have been planted at both St Barnabas House and Chestnut Tree House, as well as across many parks in Worthing West.


We hope the residents will thoroughly enjoy the blossom when it comes in Spring and that the community will cherish this sign of friendship with Japan.

I share in profound gratitude to the Sakura Cherry Tree Project.

Cherry Trees.jpg

Save Our Local - December 2020

Pubs can be a pillar of a community. They can also provide a more responsible means of drinking than off-licenses and supermarkets.


Over the past year, I have spoken to numerous landlords and managers about the effect unfair tax rates have on their business, as well as the new difficulties they are facing because of COVID-19.


With other MPs, I successfully asked that the Prime Minister reconsider the banning of pubs from selling takeaway alcohol ahead of the beginning of the autumn lockdown.


Support is needed before it is too late or we will end up with flats and supermarkets where a pub once stood. As we go into the New Year and, possibly, a third lock down, it is important our pubs not be forgotten.


Remembrance Day - November 2020

We paused to pay silent tribute to all who served and sacrificed so much for us. We will not forget them.


The Covid-19 war we fight today is different in nature and our veterans wear the uniforms of our health service workers and volunteers who continue to care for, serve and support the virus-ill and most vulnerable in our communities.


I presented a Commons wreath for the war dead by Worthing town hall ahead of Memorial Sunday and joined the Kingston Gorse and East Preston Sunday memorial services.


We can help by joining together community by community to follow the safeguarding rules.


Support For Our Arts Sector - October 2020

Over the course of the coronavirus pandemic, theatres and museums locally and nationally have suffered a severe cut in visitors, putting many at risk of closure.


Constituents will welcome the news that over £300,000 of funding has been awarded to local organisations in Worthing West - Worthing Theatres & Museum and Forty Two (Ents24).


This support will help to protect this important sector, save local jobs, and secure our world-renowned culture. We can recognise some still face severe issues - our combined focus on getting more help for them remains unwavering.

Worthing Museum and Theatre.jpg

St. Oscar Romero School Dedication - September 2020

I attended the launch day and dedication service of St. Oscar Romero Catholic School, formerly named Chatsmore High School.


It is good that our faith schools are open to children from families who do not claim church links. They instil in their community the principles championed by Romero: acceptance, service and selflessness as fundamental pursuits of our lives. 


In 2017, I joined the congregation at the Westminster Abbey service that marked the 100th anniversary of his birth.


I was one of the few there to have considered him a friend since before his assassination in 1980.


Extended Platforms, Reducing Delays - August 2020

I joined Southern Rail representatives to open the newly extended platforms at Goring-By-Sea Station.


Passengers can now get on and off the full length of longer east-bound trains thanks to platform extensions built by Network Rail and funded by the Department for Transport.


After preparatory works, the main work was completed admirably over 2 ½ days by the railway infrastructure experts. They reused a great amount of recycled plastic for the extension.


Twelve carriage trains no longer hang over the level crossing causing unnecessary delays.

Goring Station 11.9.20.PNG

Leisure Centres and Gyms Reopening - July 2020

Gyms and leisure centres were finally allowed to reopen their doors on Saturday (July 25).  Our leisure centres were poised and ready to open their doors and this was welcome news for the many users waiting to return. 


I was grateful for an invitation from Duncan Anderson, Chief Executive at South Down Leisure, to visit Worthing Leisure Centre and to see the new social distancing and hygiene measures that have been put in place to limit the spread of coronavirus.

I am grateful for the work staff have done to ensure facilities are safe and welcoming.

South Downs July 2020.jpg

The Time Is Now National Lobby - June 2020

I was pleased to host local residents, on video call, sharing their views regarding our climate and natural environment as part of The Time is Now Mass Lobby.


We spoke about responsible overseas aid, HS2 and our ancient woodland and the current moratorium on fracking.


Most importantly, I listened and shared the hope of making a future that is better for our children and grandchildren.


We can and should all work together to ensure we leave a better world and environment for generations to come. 



Supporting Our Schools - May 2020

We share respect and gratitude for all the teachers and school staff who continued in work and those now returning to work.


They are doing all that is possible in the face of great difficulties. I have raised with the Education Secretary concerns from teachers and parents. These are being taken into consideration.


Many schools have remained open. My team and I have helped several headteachers with challenges as they ensure schools are safe for students and for staff. We have been helping with advice and support for the way forwards.



Opening our Places of Worship - May 2020

Church leaders and the Government know many MPs want further faster opening of churches and places of worship.


Together with colleagues, I have written to the Prime Minister with hope that a solution will be found for those wishing to visit places of worship.


As the lockdown is gradually eased, we ask for cooperation between the Government and faith leaders in finding safe ways to reopen our churches for prayer, for funerals even with limited congregations and for worship sooner than July.


For many, Churches are not optional - they are essential.


National Lockdown Locally - April 2020

The advice has been clear - isolate yourself and your family, keep away from other people and do not travel unless necessary - thus protecting our vulnerable and infirmed. This does not necessarily mean you can't enjoy your self-isolation!


I was very pleased to enjoy a wonderful meal with my wife outside of our home in central Worthing.  I hope families have been able to enjoy the weather - children have video-called their mothers, walkers have safely taken pleasure in the weather, and everyone has made responsible decisions.


It falls on our shoulders to protect the older, the vulnerable and the future of our communities.


Worthing Integrated Care Centre - March 2020

I have given strong support to the NHS and Worthing Council's plans for a new £34 million town centre Integrated Care Centre.


The centre will be a hub for residents seeking help with health issues.


Doctors, mental health specialists, outpatients, health visitors and a pharmacy, as well as a range of services for families and children, will be brought together.


People in and around Worthing deserve a good place to live, a good place to work and they want good healthcare facilities. Constituents can find out more here:


Worthing Hospital and Covid-19 - February 2020

You may be aware members of staff at Worthing Hospital went into self-isolation recently after coming into close contact with someone who later tested positive for Covid-19.


I am pleased to share the news that throughout the isolation period all staff and patients remained well and all test results came back negative.


We all need to take personal responsibility to follow expert guidance on what to do if we or any member of our family present with symptoms matching the virus. The situation will get gravely worse but, together, we can make the responsible choices and take proactive actions in responding to this looming pandemic.


We can be grateful to the team who have handled this so well.


West Sussex MPs Meeting - January 2020

My colleagues and friends across West Sussex represent many fantastic communities.


Earlier in the month, we had our regular meeting in Horsham. It was productive, with discussions on various local issues including how to address the significant challenges facing West Sussex County Council.


We share many concerns and also many positives; a fantastic local NHS Trust, a beautiful local environment, and hardworking and effective emergency services.


We can look forward to further cooperation and hard work for the benefit of all in West Sussex.


Summer Instagram Competition Visit - January 2020

Every Summer, I hold a competition for local budding photographers to submit their #SunnySummerWorthing photos capturing Worthing at its best.

This past Summer, after a great competition, my team and I were pleased to award Andrew first place with his beautiful photo of Worthing Pier at sunset.

My team and I were delighted to welcome Andy and his lovely partner Nick to Parliament to accept his prize. It is pleasing to see individuals with such enthusiasm and care for where they live.

Thank you for entering, Andy, it was good to meet you.

Instagram Comp Winner 2019.JPG

Worthing College Visit to Parliament - January 2020

I was pleased to welcome students from Worthing College to the Palace of Westminster for a tour and discussion of Parliament.

The many students were inquisitive, well mannered and a credit to their families, teachers and college. I have personally seen many of their students progress and develop to become highly capable young adults. One current student is working in my office, several more past students have and continue to work in my office. Many more have worked alongside me in support of our community and for the benefit of national campaigns. The hard work of the staff is to be commended.

I will continue to do what I can to support our next generation through fairer funding and ever higher standards.

Worthing College Visit - January

General Election - December 2019

Following 15 hours of voting across East Preston, Ferring, Rustington and Worthing West, 8 weeks of door-to-door campaigning and 7 hours of counting, I have been returned as Member of Parliament for Worthing West.

I am grateful to the many who supported my campaign and to the many more who voted for me. We can all look forwards to an enjoyable second half of December as we prepare for Christmas and I return to Parliament.

Congratulations to the many hardworking conservatives who have been elected nationwide. I look forwards to extending a warm and welcoming hand to each and every new MP entering Parliament as we move forwards as a country.

Election Night 2019.jpg

Remembrance Sunday - November 2019

On Remembrance  Sunday I attended the Remembrance Service in East Preston.

East Preston, Ferring, Rustington and Worthing often display their proud community spirit. It is on days like Remembrance Sunday when we see the extent of that spirit. Children, parents and grandparents gather as a community to share a moment of silence in remembrance of all who have served in conflicts across the world.

We can all remember in our own way. One thing is clear, we shall not forget the sacrifices of those who came before us. They gave their lives so that we might live ours free and in peace.

Lest we forget.

Remembrance Day 2019.jpg

Worthing College Visit - September 2019

My team and I joined Tim Loughton MP to recognise the welcome further progress and the remarkable achievements of students and staff at Worthing College.

For the fifth year in succession the college is celebrating its best set of A Level and BTEC results. These positive results reflect the outstanding teaching and learning experience of students attending the college. Walking in, it was clear that the sports and other leisure activities make a significant contribution to the lives of the College community. The students were happy and their lives enriched.

The staff and students should be praised for the hard work they have done to achieve such good results. We can wish those who have graduated every success for the future as they go on to university or employment.

Worthing College 8.JPG

Ferring Flower Festivities - September 2019

Over the weekend Virginia and I were pleased to attend several events and celebrations across the constituency.

It was a pleasure to join with local residents in celebrating the best that autumn has to offer at Ferring Horticultural Society’s autumn show.

The winners and the runner-ups all showcased a fantastic array of colourful and fragrant flowers. The bakers, growers and pruners should all be praised.

Thank you to the organisers for providing a high quality range of competition and exhibits.

Ferring Flower Show.jpg

Outdoor Seating Licence Fees - August 2019

East Worthing and Shoreham MP, Tim Loughton, the leaders of Arun and Worthing Councils and I have written to Cllr Louise Goldsmith, Leader of West Sussex County Council to raise our deep concern about the disproportionate increase in licence fees for cafes and restaurants using outdoor seating.

Our cafes and restaurants are integral to our local economy, taxes of this variety are unfair and disproportionate.

Through discussion, I am hopeful that a resolution can be found.


There is a need to support our local businesses and ensure that they are not treated unfairly.


Worthing Beach Concerns - August 2019

Earlier this week there was reason to check whether there was hazardous material causing illness for people on the beach. The local blue-light services came into action and showed excellent contingency planning in action.


The Coastguard, the Police and the NHS medical services took precautions and then cooperated with the Environment Agency to investigate whether there was an identifiable source or cause of concern.

I am grateful to Maggie Davies, Chief Nurse at Worthing Hospital, and the Environment Agency for providing regular and helpful updates on the situation.

Reassurances have been made that Worthing seafront remains safe and open.


We can thank all involved in the response and investigation.


Tiffin Cup Local Nomination - July 2019

I am grateful to the many constituents that inundated my office with nominations for this year's Tiffin Cup. For those unaware of the Tiffin Cup, it is an annual British competition to find the best South Asian restaurant in the United Kingdom. One restaurant from every region is shortlisted and invited to participate in the Grand Final cook-off event held in Parliament.

I welcomed Mr Uddin, founder of Shafiques Restaurant, to attend the Grand Final. Whilst his restaurant did not win, it did receive a special commendation from the judges.

I look forwards to presenting Mr Uddin with his certificate and prized apron in due course, taking the opportunity to taste some of his wonderful cuisine.


Shaffique's Tiffin Cup 2019.jpg

Guildbourne Centre Drop-in Advice Surgery - July 2019

I am grateful to the residents and shoppers who joined me at my Drop-in Advice Surgery at the Guildbourne Centre last Friday.

Advice and requests ranged from ongoing cases such as bin collection and health concerns, to those wishing to discuss the leadership contest or Brexit. My Drop-in surgeries are opportunities for those who are not as comfortable using the telephone, writing a letter or contacting me by email - they ensure that no constituent is left out of reach. Help is always offered.

I am grateful to the team at the Guilbourne Centre for accomodating my Drop in surgery. 


Guildbourne Centre Surgery 28.06.19.jpeg

Worthing Post Office Relocation - July 2019

The Post Office have today announced that they will proceed with their intended transfer of the Worthing branch from Chapel Road to the WHSmith Store on South Street.


I have been assured that all feedback received was taken into account in understanding the issues and ensuring that the move was not detrimental to the services provided to residents. Indeed, the extension of opening hours may be welcomed by many. An update of the response received from the Post Office to the enquiries submitted is available here.

The most recent from the Post Office and Royal Mail is that there are no current plans to relocate Worthing delivery office to another site. The Post Office branch is only a small fraction of the building's internal space, with the Delivery Office occupying the majority of the building.

Royal Mail Ambrose place postman_edited.

D-Day Anniversary - June 2019

Today marks 75 years since the D-Day landings, the invasion of Europe that turned the tide of the Second World War. D-Day preparations included civilians in every occupation and all the armed forces, reaching every corner of our communities. Whilst the Allies claimed victory on the Western Front, more than 10,000 people lost their lives that day.

In our memories and through our commemoration, they live on.

I was pleased to join friends, colleagues and community members at the Worthing Town Hall War Memorial this morning for a commemorative service. Two Worthing men died in the 1944 invasion. Our town and communities were central to a great deal of the operation.

Lest we forget the peace we have been afforded by the sacrifices of those who came before us.


National Farmers Union - May 2019

I met with representatives from the National Farmers Union (NFU Online) as well as local farmers and producers at Cobbins Nursery, Ferring. We discussed the NFU’s agenda for a 'productive, profitable and progressive' farming sector ahead of Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union.


Whatever the outcome of Brexit, we agreed for the need of a policy environment that allows our farming and agricultural sector to continue to be productive and profitable. It must also deliver clear benefits for citizens including quality, affordable food and protection for our wildlife and countryside. Plants and flower production accounts for over 15% of the agricultural output of the South East (£2.0 billion in total), with nurseries like Cobbins contributing greatly to our local and national economy.

NFU May 2019.jpeg

Ferring CofE School Visit - April 2019

The students of Singapore Class at Ferring CofE Primary School welcomed me to talk about my work in Parliament. The Year 5 students were highly inquisitive, engaged, and polite in their intelligent questions. 

It is for their futures that we make decisions today and it will be in their hands our country's future rests. Their considerate outlooks set a good example for our future. 

I make every possible effort to visit schools and other groups in Worthing West, if you would like to get in contact to discuss possible future visits, please do not hesitate. 

Ferring Primary School 1.jpg

Ferring Residents Advice Surgery - April 2019

I am grateful to the local residents who joined me for my Drop-in advice surgery at Ferring Asda store this morning. 

Advice and requests for help ranged from assistance with housing and taxes, to those who simply wished to discuss current affairs or to thank me and my team for helping them at difficult moments in their life.

I regularly hold surgeries to give constituents the opportunity to speak to me in person. Other contact details are available here.

Thank you also to the local Councillors who joined me in assisting with local residents’ issues.

Ferring Surgery 1.jpg

Worthing Homes Twentieth Anniversary - April 2019

Twenty years ago, Tim Loughton MP and I encouraged and applauded the formation of Worthing Homes shortly after becoming the local Members of Parliament. I was pleased to help plant a tree at their homes at Davenport Court on Elm Grove to recognise their twentieth anniversary.

Worthing Homes rightly has a good reputation and it is trusted. A high proportion of residents are happy with their experience; over 90% praise the staff with whom they have contact. The numbers are impressive: 107 volunteers, 95 employees and 10 trustees; nearly 4.000 homes for about 10,000 fellow residents.

Worthing Homes does good and does it well. Let us all help them to continue as they improve further and develop new services.

Worthing Tree Planting 20th.jpg

English Tourism Week - April 2019

Now in its eighth year, English Tourism Week raises the profile and showcases the benefits of the tourism industry to local communities and the economy.

Tourism is one of England’s largest and most valuable industries. 

I was pleased to join with Tourism Minister, Michael Ellis MP, to discuss how valuable the tourism industry is to Worthing West. Recent figures estimated that some 4.4 million day and staying visitors spending approximately £138 million a year visit Worthing annually.


With over £2.7bn spent in the South East tourism industry, it remains one of the most significant sectors of our local economy. This is a chance for us to celebrate the success of this industry and to discuss how we can better support local businesses in making Sunny Worthing a destination for all.

English Tourism Week.jpg

Rustington Residents Advice Surgery - April 2019

I am grateful to the local residents who joined me for my Drop-in advice surgery at Rustington's Sainsbury's store last Saturday midday. 

Advice and requests for help ranged from ongoing cases such as housing and school funding, to those who simply wished to discuss current affairs or to thank me and my team for assisting them recently.

I regularly hold surgeries to give constituents the opportunity to speak to me in person. Other contact details are available here.

Thank you also to the local Councillors and candidates for joining me in assisting with local residents’ issues.

Rustington Sainsburys Surgery 1.jpg

Worthing Mosque Solidarity Vigil - March 2019

I was humbled to join with over fifty local residents from all corners of our communities in Worthing, to show solidarity with our local Mosque and worshippers following the tragic islamophobic attack in New Zealand.

We thank all in the Islamic society and at the mosque for the contribution they make to community life. We are as one in Worthing.

A way to demonstrate our unwavering solidarity is that as and when the Islamic society need a larger mosque, we all give support and encouragement.

Thank you to those who helped to organise the vigil.

We are all defenders of faith.

Mosque Vigil 1.jpg

Worthing Residents Advice Surgery - March 2019

I am grateful to the local residents who joined me for my Drop-in advice surgery at Worthing's Waitrose Store. 

Advice and requests for help ranged from housing to pensions, and of course included discussions on our withdrawal from the European Union.

Thank you also to Cllr Westover for joining me in assisting with local residents’ issues.

My team and I have already taken forward several of the concerns brought to me during the surgery and will continue to be of assistance when possible and when necessary.

Waitrose Surgery 15.03.19.jpg

High Street Saturday - March 2019

With reference to supporting our local town centre, I am delighted to support the local bid for central government support from the Future High Streets Fund as we celebrate High Street Saturday. It has always been an honour to represent and to have a home in a place where ‘good growth’ is front and centre.

Our coastal West Sussex has successfully met most challenges during the past two decades. The task now is to make possible a practical vision for our community of a multi-functional high street that meets the challenges of the future whilst addressing the concerns from the past.

By talking and deciding and acting together, we can all help to create a community where people can enjoy life together.

High Street.jpg

Open Mosque Day - March 2019

I am glad that our local mosque took part in the nation Open Mosque day this past Sunday. 

The open days are about building bridges and breaking down stereotypes. They are are about ensuring that no members of our communities are made to feel unwelcome towards each other. 

On behalf of the friends and the first time visitors I thank the Islamic Society and the Imam, Idris Nawab, for this initiative and their warm welcoming outlook to the community.

Open Mosque - Worthing Masjid 2019.jpg

Strand Medical Centre Re-Opening - February 2019

I was honoured to be invited to the official opening of the Strand Medical Group’s new 1,000 square metre practice. Dr Andy Thompson and all his clinical and support colleagues have fought through every difficulty to create the opportunity to serve local patients. The Strand Group's new practise can cater to over double the previous amount and have over 16 consulting rooms and a sufficiently large and comfortable waiting room.


Amongst the people we can all be thankful to are the central NHS England who worked hard to enable this move, the directors of the developers Rocco whose patience was impressive, the councillors, and the executives and leadership of Worthing Borough Council. When campaigning for greater provisions, it is reassuring to see unequivocal progress as welcome and overdue as this.

Strand Sir Peter cuting ribbon.jpg

Citizens Advice Centre, Worthing - January 2019

It was a pleasure to visit the Worthing Citizens Advice centre this morning, to meet with the volunteers and staff who contribute an immense amount to our communities. The team are to be commended for the time and hard work they put in to make a difference to local people's lives. 

They offer a service unrivalled and I encourage anyone with worries or difficulties to approach Citizens Advice. Within the Worthing centre, we may all find someone friendly and professional to give advice and to make a difference to people's lives.

The centre is always in need of new volunteers or staff members. Anyone able to offer their assistance or services can make a positive difference that will help to transform lives in and around our communities. 

Citizens Advice Bureau .jpg

Durrington Residents Advice Surgery - January 2019

I am grateful to the local residents who joined me for my Drop-in advice surgery at Durrington Tesco. Discussion and queries ranged from Brexit to pensions. 

Whilst I do my best to speak with every constituent who contacts me, and visit residents when necessary, often constituents may prefer to speak to me in person or are unable to email, telephone or write. 

Thank you also to Cllr Jane Sim and Cllr Sean McDonald for joining me in assisting with local residents’ issues, and to Myra and the Tesco team who accommodated us.


My team and I have already taken forward several of the concerns brought to me during the surgery. We will continue to be of assistance when possible and when necessary.

Durrington Surgery.jpg

Children In Need Fundraising - January 2019

It was a pleasure to attend the fourth annual Give a Gift sale organised by BBC Sussex, held at St. Paul's Worthing.

This years event raised the largest amount so far, welcoming visitors from all across the county to buy unwanted Christmas gifts donated over the last couple of weeks. Over £2,379 was raised by the volunteers, all going directly to the BBC Children in Need charity.

Pictured is myself with BBC presenters Danny Pike and Mark Carter.

Children in Need supports children and their families across the country who face difficult circumstances and may be going through the hardest of times. The money raised will help to support and change the lives of over 582,000 disadvantaged young children and adults. 

Children In Need 2019.jpg-large.jpg

Charities in Worthing - December 2018

Christmas is a time of giving, receiving, and cherishing what we have already. It can also be a time of reflection and charity. There are many local charities that contribute positively to our communities. The volunteers behind these are to be commended for the work they have achieved over the past year. 

One such charity is Turning Tides Ending Local Homelessness - a project uniting churches and groups from across Worthing. Another such charity is Worthing's branch of The Salvation Army United Kingdom with the Republic of Ireland

I was pleased to meet local volunteers and support these important causes during recent months. I wish them the very best for 2019 as we all aspire to support those in need. More information on how you can help to support the work of Turning Tides can be found here:


Royal Mail Christmas Deliveries - December 2018

It was a pleasure this morning to visit Worthing's Royal Mail Delivery Office on Chapel Road.

The staff there do a tremendous job in ensuring mail is delivered throughout the year. At Christmas time we are reminded how important a lifeline our Royal Mail is. They are working, come rain or shine, to ensure that our festive post is delivered on time.

The letters these dedicated members of staff handle can bring joy to our family and friends across the world. We can all be thankful for their service.

Royal Mail Ambrose place postman_edited.

Worthing Job Centre Plus - November 2018

I was pleased to visit the Worthing Jobcentre Plus to speak with the team of advisors as well as the service users about how the centre supports them and how we might further help them.

Those in attendance included Help for Heroes, the Sussex Armed Forces Network, Royal British Legion Industries (RBLI), Sussex Police, Northbrook Metropolitan College and NHS England. Positively, three people were offered jobs on the spot by the NHS. This was the first event held locally and I look forwards to it continuing in the future. 

These direct developments and opportunities were brought about because of the hard work of Fiona Hamilton, the Service Delivery Coach and Armed Forces Champion, as well as the hardworking team at the Jobcentre Plus. We can all be very grateful for their hard work.

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Queen's Commonwealth Canopy - November 2018

The Queen's Commonwealth Canopy is a unique network spanning all 53 countries of the Commonwealth. The creation of a pan-Commonwealth network of forest conservation projects marks Her Majesty The Queen’s service to the Commonwealth.

This theme extends into the Care for Veterans where we planted a Rowan tree as part of the Queen's Commonwealth Canopy. The Rowan tree has a long, sacred history. Since ancient times people have been planting a Rowan beside their home as the Tree of Life, symbolising courage, wisdom and protection.

The Care for Veterans centre, established in 1919, cares for soldiers returning from World War I with life-changing disabilities. It was poignant and contemplative to be joined by students from Heene Primary School, resident veterans, the High Sheriff of West Sussex 2018 and Adur & Worthing Councils Deputy Mayor, Cllr Hazel Thorpe.


Love Our Colleges Week - October 2018

Our colleges are a fundamental part of our society, helping to cultivate and guide our next generation towards a better future. ​

Worthing College is one such institution - one that is highly valued and respected within our community. It has consistently improved it's A Level and BTEC results over the last four years whilst cultivating an extremely well prepared new generation of young leaders.

I have personally seen many of their students progress and develop to become highly capable young adults. Several have worked in my office, many more have worked alongside me in support of our community. The hard work of the staff is to be commended.

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West Durrington Housing Developments - October 2018

I met with representatives from Chamonix Estates, including Persimmon Homes, Heron Homes and Taylor Wimpey, in addition to Worthing Borough Council to bring forwards the concerns of the community, requesting that those behind the development engage with and respond to local people's concerns.

Permission for the development of 700 new homes was granted by Worthing Borough Council back in 2012 with a number already built and occupied.

Residents have my support in seeking assurance that the most recent additions will be effective and properly maintained at no undue cost to those who have already or have yet to move into the new development.


West Sussex Youth Cabinet - September 2018

I was very pleased to join with young budding politicians from across West Sussex, members of the West Sussex Youth Cabinet; alongside Gillian Keegan and the High Sheriff of West Sussex 2018. The Youth Cabinet members were recently elected by over 14,000 of their peers (April 2018), with 30 elected to the Youth Cabinet and seven to the UK Youth Parliament.

There was a lively debate on extending the franchise to include 16 and 17 year olds. There were several compelling and highly eloquent arguments both in favour and against, and reminded those participating and watching just how eager and engaged many young adults are. Is it not time we gave them greater say in the future of their own country?​

I look forwards to seeing what these young and highly motivated students will achieve in the future.

Chichester Youth Event.jpeg

Macmillan Coffee Morning - September 2018

It was a pleasure to join one of Worthing's local businesses, SJM Electrical Services, for the world's biggest coffee morning.

Every year, over 350,000 people in the United Kingdom are diagnosed with a form of Cancer. Over 3,500 are diagnosed in Worthing West alone, with almost half of those diagnosed unfortunately passing away as a result.

There are many commendable charities and organisations addressing this devastating disease. Macmillan Cancer Support is the UK's largest charity dedicated to supporting and caring for those affected and their families. The money raised by Coffee Mornings held around the country, £29.5 billion last year, goes directly towards helping those suffering.

SJM Electrical Macmillan Coffee Morning.

West Sussex NCS Graduation - September 2018

I was very pleased to attend the Graduation Ceremony for the 2018 NCS - National Citizen Service local cohort. 

Since it's inception, Worthing NCS has seen over 1045 graduate from the programme, and reaching this year over 100,000 nationally. The biggest immeasurable benefit is how each individual grows in confidence and aspiration. The programme is a positive way for young adults to develop their confidence and leadership skills and to encourage a new generation ofcommunity and business leaders.​​

If you know someone aged 15-17 that you think would be interested in taking part, please share with them the following page:


Boom! Credit Union - August 2018

I attended the opening of the Boom Credit Union in Worthing. Boom is a not-for-profit financial co-operative, committed to providing financial inclusion across West Sussex, and is passionate about keeping local people out of the clutches of high-interest lenders and loan sharks. 


I am a keen supporter of Boom and I have backed our Credit Union from the start. The community is at the heart of everything they do, helping local people to save, to borrow and to manage.


The Credit Union makes a huge positive impact.Whilst speaking with the team, I heard how Boom is encouraging all local businesses and charities to open a savings account with them. In return, Boom will donate the equivalent of 1% of these new deposits to local community projects. This is a positive sign of the differences companies and social enterprises can make to our communities.

Visit with Sir Peter Bottomley.JPG

Worthing Green Flags - August 2018

Four of our fantastic local parks have been internationally recognised as outstanding - receiving the Green Flag Award:

Beach House Park, WorthingField Place & Arts ComplexHighdown Gardens; and Marine Gardens.

Thank you to all of those who work hard to ensure these parks continue to be treasured green oasis's within our communities.

The Green Flag Award scheme recognises and rewards well managed parks and green spaces, setting the benchmark standard for the management of recreational outdoor spaces across the United Kingdom and around the world.


Summer Reading Challenge - July 2018

On Friday 13th July, I joined local residents at Goring-By-Sea Library to celebrate this year's launch of the Summer Reading Challenge. This included some young avid readers that were very excited to complete the challenge as well as Cara Lambert, Team Manager for Families and Wellbeing and Jane Blackwell, Librarian at Goring Library, both of which have made fantastic contributions to our local community.

Research shows that reading for pleasure is a more powerful factor in life achievement than socio-economic background and that children who use libraries are twice as likely to be above average readers. The Summer Reading Challenge builds confidence and independent reading, while helping to prevent the dip in children’s reading levels during the long summer break from school.


BACTA Community Awards in Worthing - May

I was honoured to award the British Amusement and Catering Trade Association (BACTA)'s Community Award alongside Nick Herbert to local community member, Phil Silver.

In a career with Bacta spanning three decades, Phil Silver has made what BACTA's national President notes as 'the single biggest contribution to social responsibility in the low stake gaming industry'. Phil has made an enduring and unparalleled contribution to the development of a socially responsibile culture within Britain’s adult gaming centres, seaside arcades and bingo halls.

It is also gratifying to see the hard work undertaken by myself and my fellow colleagues in Parliament in pursuing and campaigning for greater social responsibility within the gambling sector, including the successful cut in the maximum stake for FOBTs from £100 to £2 last week, reflected from within the sector by outstanding individuals such as Phil.

Photo 17-05-2018, 21 14 17.jpg

Worthing Mayor's Youth Debate - April 2018

On Thursday 26th April, I was very pleased to be part of Worthing inaugural Youth Debate, hosted by the Mayor of Worthing. I was joined by fellow MP, Tim Loughton, the High Sheriff of West Sussex, Director for Communities at Worthing Borough Council Mary D'Arcy, and Worthing's Youth Mayor, as members of the judging panel.


It was a fantastically organised event, and I was very much impressed by the talent and knowledge shown by the many students attending from schools across Worthing.


These kinds of events remind me how aware and 'tuned in' our young constituents are, and as I'm sure my fellow panel members will agree, emphasise the need to engage young constituents in our politics in a way that enthuses them whilst also engaging them. I look forwards to seeing this event go from strength to strength, year by year.


Worthing Masjid Open Day - February

Over the weekend, I joined Worthing Masjid's open day, which saw the Mosque opening its doors to the community to promote dialogue and friendship between residents of all faiths. The event included tours, refreshments, a Q&A session with the Imam, and a chance to observe prayer. 

We can pay tribute to the faith leaders in our community. We look to them for guidance, hope and strength, both in the dark times and the light.


Thank you to the Iman and the community for opening their doors. The strength of our community comes from it's diversity and compassion for each other. 

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Walking with Guide Dogs UK through Worthing

I was delighted to join The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association in Worthing to hear about some of the frequent barriers to accessible streets for people with sight loss.

It was enlightening to take a blindfolded walk down Warwick Road and to meet a working guide dog as well as representatives of the organisation.

The new #StreetsAhead campaign highlights the everyday obstacles that can compromise the safety of blind and partially sighted individuals.

Poorly parked vehicles which block some or all of the pavement cause frequent problems for pedestrians. These can force people who are blind or particularly sighted, parents with pushchairs, wheelchair users, and others, to walk on the road and into the path of oncoming traffic. Excessive street clutter and shared street surfaces also pose a threat to many.

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Queen's Award for Innovation to Goring Business

I was grateful to visit Goring business A World of Buzz, alongside the Lord-Lieutenant of West Sussex, Susan Pyper, who presented the company with a prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise.  


A World of Buzz – which includes three distinct companies, World of Books, World of Rare Books and Ziffit - is one of only 100 UK businesses receiving the award for outstanding contribution to International Trade.


World of Books, one of the group’s companies, is committed to minimising its environmental impact. Each month over 4 million books are recycled, saving 22,000 tonnes of books a year from going into landfill. All of its paper waste is recycled within the UK and turned into corrugated cardboard. 


Local Road Quality from Worthing to Rustington

Alongside Tim Loughton, MP for East Worthing and Shoreham, I rejected Highways England's proposal to spend £100 million on A27 improvement works to ease traffic in the Worthing area. 

Many will think it is hardly worth reading what Highways England have written in their A27 improvement plan. To ask that the Worthing traffic problems be solved with less than £100m was never going to work. It doesn’t work. It has to be rejected.

Highways England and the Department for Transport have got to allocate a proper sum of money so that local people can have a better environment, local people can have greater safety, and local people can have greater economic prosperity.

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Armed Forces Day - June 2017

Virginia and I were pleased to attend the annual Armed Forces celebrations in Worthing. We are very grateful to the organisers of the Armed Forces Day events at Steyne Gardens, where entertainment included a marching band, stalls, displays and military vehicles.

As a community, Worthing united to celebrate Her Majesty's Armed Forces, past and present. The event was very well-attended by our community, with a lot of young people joining in. It’s very important that we engage with young people on these sorts of occasions, both to educate and to inspire.

For more information on Armed Forces Day, CLICK HERE.

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Uniting with the Worthing Masjid - June 2017

I am grateful to the Iman and community at Worthing Masjid for welcoming me to their place of worship and for the opportunity of a conversation with the Imam and local worshippers. The visit came prior to Eid celebrations and following the appalling terror attack near Finsbury Park Mosque. 

During the Debate on the Queen's Speech, I followed Tim Farron MP's compliments on the Finsbury Park Imam Mohammed Mahmoud: 'May I just reinforce the hon. Gentleman’s message about Imam Mohammed Mahmoud? His words—that, by God’s grace, they managed to stop the attacker being attacked and prevent worse things from happening—should be in everyone’s mind. Heaven knows what would have happened if the attacker had suffered serious damage. The headlines would have been very different, so we owe a great deal to that imam and people like him.'

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