Here, you can learn more about me and my activities in Worthing West.

In 1997, Worthing West elected me as MP, looking after Rustington, East Preston and Kingston, Ferring together with Goring, Northbrook, Salvington, Durrington, Central, Castle, Marine, Heene and Tarring.

You will want me to try to make the best decisions on the most important issues: aiming for security and prosperity, working solutions in testing times. This means dealing with problems and putting in place systems that work in the future.

With my small team, I aim to respond without delay to any enquiry or problem, meeting and visiting constituents, especially those with family responsibilities and with a disability.

I was returned as Member of Parliament for Worthing West on the 12th of December 2019.

Below you may find interest in reading a brief look back over my life and career.

I am grateful to all who work with me in the public interest and will continue to work hard on behalf of constituents and to help those who need help.

Early Life

Born in 1944, my education included a mixed comprehensive school in Washington DC, Westminster School and Trinity College, Cambridge. One sister worked in the NHS, one was a headteacher and my brother is a civil servant, as was our father; our mother was in social work.

Before embarking on my political career I worked as a lorry driver and in commerce and industry, including steel and engineering. Although qualified in personnel management, I think of myself as an industrial economist. 

Political Career and Charitable Interests

From 1975, West Woolwich/Eltham elected me to Parliament for 22 years. This was the first by-election win under Margaret Thatcher’s leadership and led to the loss of the Labour majority, to the Lib-Lab pact and then to the Conservative government from 1979.

My career in politics has dealt me a wealth of unforgettable experiences. I let in a goal at Wembley for the Parliamentary football team and exchanged passes with Sir Bobby Charlton at Old Trafford.

Tragedies I have witnessed include the events at the Brussels Heysel stadium in 1985 and the deaths at the funeral of the martyred Archbishop Oscar Romero in El Salvador. This took place on Palm Sunday 1980, where I was representing the British Council of Churches.

I have initiated two successful actions for defamation, as recorded in my Parliamentary Register entries.

My Select Committee service has included Overseas Aid, Violence in the Family, Transport, Constitutional Affairs and Justice and the High Speed Rail Bill, HS2.

I was a junior minister for a total of six years. During this period my responsibilities included Employment, Transport casualty reduction and in Northern Ireland Agriculture and Environment. Successful campaigns included substantially bringing down drink driving casualties nationwide.

My unpaid interests have included chairing the Church of England Children's Society, being a trustee of Christian Aid and NACRO and a patron of Coastal West Sussex Mind. 

I founded the Family Forum and was a member of the Transport House branch of the Transport and General Workers' Union.

2017 General Election and Beyond

I was thrilled to have been re-elected as MP for Worthing West in the 2017 General Election.

Representing most of Worthing and along to Rustington since 1997 has given me the wonderful responsibility to champion this effective, civilised and compassionate community. Working with charities, the public services, particularly all parts of our NHS, our schools and police, I witness the dedication of the professionals and the armies of volunteers who help achieve so much.

My focus has been on promoting the well-being, health and happiness of constituents. It continues to be a privilege, one that I enjoy despite some failure, frustrations and the constant hard work.

The 2019 General Election gave a refreshed impetus to deliver on national priorities. My support in the constituency increased and, as we can all hope, our success will continue to increase in the campaigns we work have on.

I spoke to The Telegraph in-depth about my experience as a Member of Parliament as well as my ambitions going forward. You can read the full article here.