As your Member of Parliament, I offer common sense representation, a voice for the people, and selfless service, not selfish ambition.

With common sense, I am a moderating voice in times of extremes. I work across communities to bring the overlooked to the top of the agenda and continue to be a voice for the people. 

I have dedicated myself to selfless service. Your interests are my interests.

I am proud of the progress we have made. There is more to do and I am confident that if we continue to work together, we can achieve what is best for our communities.

  • Standing Up on Planning

    I resist constant attempts by developers to concrete over our green gaps between communities. Labour's Leader says 'yes' to bulldozers, Labour Councillors said 'yes' to building on our green fields.

  • Fighting for Fair Housing

    With my help, Parliament has now passed Leasehold Reform. For years, I have been active with residents and campaigning charities. Leaseholders and tenants had been taken advantage of for too long.

  • Renewing Our Healthcare

    I want to achieve more in healthcare and dentistry. We saved Worthing Hospital, at risk during Labour’s last government. We are gaining new essential community care services across Worthing and Arun.

  • Protecting Our Nature

    I support our National Parks. I fight for clean water. We live between our marine environment and the green fields of the South Downs. I campaign for revolutionary 'blue-belt' protection of the sea in our Sussex Bay and to address climate change.

  • Uplifting Schools and Colleges

    When I first represented Worthing and Arun, parents avoided some local schools. Now they celebrate when their children are accepted into these improved schools. With my help, we have gained national support for a new school for pupils with special educational needs and disabilities.

  • Supporting Women

    I support compensation to WASPI women. I was one of the first to argue to protect safe spaces for females in hospitals, sports, and refuges. With common sense, I helped calm the extremists, with sympathy for those feeling distress.